Zico’s New Chart-Topping Song Suspected to Make Jabs at Chart Manipulation

Fans have been interpreting the lyrics in great detail.

Zico recently released his new song, “Any Song”, and it’s been sweeping the charts and creating a wave of fans and celebrities posting dance videos of the song.

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As soon as the song took off, it topped just about every music chart in Korea.

And not long afterward, online communities and social media got into a heated discussion over the true meaning of the lyrics.

One fan interpreted the lyrics in great detail and proposed the possibility that Zico was actually criticizing chart manipulation.

The fan interpreted the lyrics, “Why do you look so down?” as a reference to there only being sad ballads on the music charts (the chart manipulation controversy included ballad singers who were suspected of manipulating the charts”.

And the fan took the lyrics, “The vibe is super chilly. Is this the trend these days?” and interpreted it to mean that the music industry got chilly due to the mass-produced ballads taking over the charts.

As for the lyrics, “Turn on any song. An exciting one“, the fan interpreted it as the thirst for exciting songs during a time when ballad songs fill the charts.

And the lyrics, “A refresh is urgently needed“, was interpreted to refer to the need for music charts to be refreshed.

The fan also took the lyrics, “Mixed feelings at 2 in the morning” and interpreted it as a reference to chart manipulators who go up the ranks overnight.

Lastly, the fan interpreted the lyrics “Alcohol glasses and emotions causing a whirlwind” to mean that mass-produced ballad songs include alcohol in their lyrics and cry about it.

This is just one fan’s interpretation, but many other fans are agreeing that it makes sense.

I listened to it without much thought, but it all makes sense now.

I feel like this is somewhat accurate.

If the interpretation is right, this song is so refreshing.

– Netizens

Check out Zico’s new song below:



Source: Dispatch