CL Talks About How She Felt After Minzy Left 2NE1

CL recently opened up about how tough it was to see Minzy leave 2NE1 as well as their disbandment. In a recent episode of Livin’ the Double Life, CL shed tears as she talked about the disbandment of 2NE1. She explained that she wrote the lyrics to 2NE1’s last song together, “Goodbye” in under 10 […]

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10 Fun Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired By K-Pop Idols

It’s almost time to dress up for Halloween and here are some fun and quirky costume ideas that will satisfy your inner K-Pop geek. 1. HOT’s “Candy” The reference might be lost on many but it’s a true K-pop classic. 2. Red Velvet’s “Dumb Dumb”The goal is to be distinguishable only by color. 3. Block […]

8 Songs That Launched The Careers of Korea’s Top Female K-Pop Groups

Although there are many popular girl groups in the K-Pop industry, not all of them started that way. Sometimes it takes one hit song to help make it big, and that was definitely true for these groups! 1. Girl’s Generation – “Gee” “Gee” is one of Girl’s Generation’s most popular and iconic songs. It’s the […]

10+ Groundbreaking K-Pop Songs That Address Mental Illness

World Mental Health Day passed on October 10, and this list of Korean pop songs that address often stigmatized mental health issues was posted by Billboard in honor of delving into that side of life – and being unafraid to talk about it! 1. Agust D – “The Last” 2. San E – “Counselor” 3. […]

The Ultimate K-Pop Halloween Playlist Guide

It’s Halloween Season! No one does Halloween celebrations quite like K-Pop – so, to celebrate, here’s a list of 31 spooky songs to party it up to this ghoulish season every single day. 1. VIXX – “Voodoo Doll” 2. MONSTA X – “Hero” 3. SPEED – “Zombie Party” 4. TWICE – “TT” 5. BTS – “War […]

Minzy Confesses Her Life Has Become Incredibly Lonely Since Leaving 2NE1

Minzy revealed that she felt incredibly lonely after leaving 2NE1 and pursuing a solo artist career. In an interview with The Star magazine, Minzy expressed how much she missed being part of a group. She explained that the difference in being a group member and a solo artist was that it was extremely lonely. “I felt really […]

Girls’ Generation Ranks 4th Worldwide In Girl Group Concert Sales

Girls’ Generation is the 4th most successful girl group in the world in terms of concert revenue.  Out of all their world tours, Girls’ Generation has sold quite a lot of tickets, ranking among legends Destiny’s Child and Spice Girls.  In fact, out of the top ten highest grossing girl group tours in history, five belong to Girls’ Generation.  […]

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