8 K-Pop Idol Couples You Wish Would Date Already

1. Joy and Sungjae This pair had incredible chemistry, making the audience swoon and wish they were secretly together. Drawn to each other eyes, and lost in it, together, voluntarily. gif: ctto#bbyu #sungjoy #sungjae #joy #btob #redvelvet #btobrv #BTOVELVET pic.twitter.com/4sru6piefJ — SJSJSJ (@kiyowo3X2) January 1, 2018 Some people are convinced they were truly in love. […]


Koreans Are Going Absolutely Nuts Over Red Velvet Joy’s Visuals On Recent Stage

Joy’s graced her fans with her beauty on countless memorable occasions. Her style stands out even in K-Pop and has inspired love for Red Velvet. Joy’s gorgeousness has, in fact, been pointed to as a contender for the next “It” girl status. Fans Discuss Who Korea’s “It Girl” Will Be After Suzy & Seolhyun But […]


10+ Idols Who Have Completely Transformed Since Debut

These idols who debuted at a young age had the most adorable baby faces before hitting puberty and transforming into young adults! 1. BTS Jungkook Then: Now: 2. GOT7 Bambam Then: Now: 3. SHINee Taemin Then: Now: 4. VIXX Hyuk Then: Now:   5. B.A.P. Zelo Then: Now: 6. SEVENTEEN’s Dino Then: Now: 7. MONSTA […]


Top 10 female idol diet transformations according to Dispatch

Dispatch compiled a list of the ten most successful female idol diets and it’s hard to argue with their findings. Take a look at these 10 female idols who completely transformed their look through dieting.1. gugudan’s Mina 2. Red Velvet’s Joy 3. Red Velvet’s Wendy 4. GFRIEND’s Umji 5. TWICE’s Jihyo 6. Apink’s Chorong 7. […]


Some Red Velvet Fans Believe That Joy is A Clone, They Have Alleged Proof

There’s a theory floating around among ReVeluvs that Red Velvet’s Joy is actually a clone.  While it might sound like just a compliment that she’s too perfect to be human, there’s actually a lot more to it than that.  And the theory includes evidence that dates back all the way to Red Velvet’s debut.  While […]

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