6 Beautiful K-Drama Kiss Scenes That Nearly Restored Your Faith In True Love

Many actors and actresses become very immersed in their characters while acting their role in dramas and movies. These emotions usually come to a climax when they film a kiss scene.  1. Lee Jong Suk & Han Hyo Joo Actor Lee Jong Suk and actress Han Hyo Joo had amazing chemistry on the set of […]


Kim Woo Bin Was Scammed Out Of $66,000 Has Still Not Been Paid

Actor Kim Woo Bin and Go Soo are taking legal actions against advertisers who did not pay for their advertisement contract. Go Soo signed the advertisement contract back in 2012 for the amount of 125,000,000 won ($125,000USD) and Kim Woo Bin signed the contract in 2013, for 66,000,000 won ($66,000 USD). Although both Go Soo […]

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Shin Min Ah Is The Biggest Support In Kim Woo Bin’s Cancer Treatment

Recent reports revealed more details on Shin Min Ah and Kim Woo Bin’s relationship as he continues with his cancer treatment. Min Ah and Woo Bin have been dating for over two years, and are often called a “visual couple”, thanks to their good looks. Kim Woo Bin was diagnosed with head and neck cancer earlier […]


This Korean Webtoon based its characters off of real Korean celebrities

A Korean webtoon has based its characters off real Korean celebrities, and is quickly becoming one of the most popular webtoons on Naver. It’s called “Lookism”, and was written by the popular webtoon artist, Park Tae Jun. The characters are drawn to resemble the stars, where the artist has pinpointed each celebrity’s unique features. 1. […]


TOP 10 K-Drama Actors With The Hottest Beach Bodies

These K-Drama stars are total visual goals for the perfect summer beach bodies. 1. Sung Hoon in My Secret Romance 2. Ji Chang Wook in The K2 3. Nam Joo Hyuk in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo 4. Park So Dam in Cinderella And Four Knights 5. Choi Siwon in She Was Pretty 6. Han […]

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