10+ K-Pop Idols Who Prove That Body Proportions Are More Important Than Height

Some idols in the industry have such amazing proportions that they look quite a bit taller than they actually are.  Even if they may just be average height or even shorter, some idols are blessed with amazing proportions that make them look like they are taller than they are.  Although there are many idols that fit this […]

[★TRENDING] The 11 Male K-Pop Idols Who Look Like Asian ROYALTY

There are many handsome male idols in the music industry who have been praised for their incredible visuals.  Netizens argued that some male idols are so handsome that they could even be mistaken for royalty. WINNER Jinwoo SEVENTEEN Vernon BTS Jin BTS Jungkook VIXX Hongbin EXO Sehun B.A.P Himchan MONSTA X Hyungwon iKON Yunhyeong EXO Suho INFINITE L Source: Instiz

Girls’ Generation Ranks 4th Worldwide In Girl Group Concert Sales

Girls’ Generation is the 4th most successful girl group in the world in terms of concert revenue.  Out of all their world tours, Girls’ Generation has sold quite a lot of tickets, ranking among legends Destiny’s Child and Spice Girls.  In fact, out of the top ten highest grossing girl group tours in history, five belong to Girls’ Generation.  […]

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