10+ True Stories Behind These K-Pop Idols Leaving Their Groups

We all want our favorite K-Pop idol groups to stick together through thick and thin as long as possible, but the truth is, nothing is forever. Over the years, we’ve seen members leave groups for countless reasons, here are some of their stories:   1. EXO — Kris, Luhan, Tao EXO started off as a […]

19 Hidden Tattoos Of Idols You May Have Never Seen

Although tattoos are still a bit of a sensitive topic in Korea, it’s becoming more and more common.  It’s no exceptions with K-Pop idols, with some exceptions like Jay Park getting tatted completely up, and idols like JYJ’s Jaejoong having some pretty distinct ones. Some idols however, have been discreetly keeping their body art on the down low. Let’s […]

Korean restaurant owner reveals hilarious dining habits of 10 idol groups

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to dine with your favorite idols? Well, the owner of a restaurant in Yeouido, Seoul that is popular among idol groups has revealed the dining habits of 10 of them… And the descriptions are hysterical. Here’s what the owner had to say: 1. SHINee “Loud kids.” 2. Super […]

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