10 Times BTS Secretly Helped People In Need Will Remind You The World Isn’t All Bad

These secret acts of kindness prove just how humble the BTS members are.

By now, everyone knows that BTS is as charitable as they are talented, but many of their greatest acts of kindness have happened out of the public eye. Here are 10 times BTS covertly helped people in need.


1. Suga brought a former Big Hit Entertainment trainee to the hospital and paid his medical bills

A former Big Hit Entertainment trainee who goes by the name of Brightoon on YouTube recently shared a heartwarming story from Suga‘s trainee days. One time in 2011, Brightoon became so sick in the middle of the night that he couldn’t take care of himself.

Former Trainee Reveals How BTS Suga Helped Him In His Hour Of Need

After checking up on Brightoon in the washroom, Suga took him to an emergency hospital and stayed with him until the next morning. At the time, Suga didn’t have much money, but he still paid for his friend’s cab fare, hospital stay, and IV treatment.


2. Jungkook saved Kim Sung Joo’s life

On an episode of Visiting Teacher, television personality Kim Sung Joo revealed that Jungkook had rescued him from a dangerous situation at the 2016 DMC Festival.

The incident happened while Kim Sung Joo was hosting the event, just before BTS performed “FIRE”. Kim Sung Joo did not realize that the lifts had been lowered, creating gaping holes in the stage. When he backed up, he fell directly into Jungkook’s lift.

Jungkook sustained minor injuries from breaking the host’s fall, but kept both his injuries and his heroic act to himself. If Kim Sung Joo hadn’t revealed it, the world may have never known that Jungkook is a real-life Anpanman!


3. Jimin made a meaningful, personal donation to his childhood school

On February 20, Jimin‘s childhood school, Hoedong Elementary School, closed after 36 years. At the graduation ceremony, Jimin made a personal donation to pay for the school uniform costs for every one of the school’s graduating students.

Fans later found out that Jimin had made this same donation a year earlier, when he first found out about the school’s impending closure.


4. BTS made a wish come true for an ARMY with an incurable illness

In 2016, Make-A-Wish Korea tweeted a picture of BTS with Angelica, a young woman with an incurable illness. The members warmly greeted Angelica with balloons, teddy bears, and kindness, making her wish come true.


5. Suga secretly donated 10 kg (~22 lbs) of Korean Hanwoo beef to orphans

In 2014, just a year after BTS’s debut, Suga promised ARMY that he would treat them to a meat party when he made money.

Suga Finally Fulfills Promise He Made To A.R.M.Y 4 Years Ago

On Suga’s 25th birthday, four years later, he fulfilled this promise in an unexpected and heartwarming way. He donated 10 kg (~22 lbs) of Korean Hanwoo beef (top grade beef from Korea) along with signed copies of BTS’ CDs to 39 orphanages in the name of ARMY.


6. BTS still uses this special fan-given gift

Even though BTS can now afford top luxury brands, eagle-eyed fans noticed that the members still use the bowls fan gave them for their 300 day anniversary.

A 4-piece set of these bowls only costs about $10, but it’s the sentiment that counts, not the price tag. These bowls have stayed with the members through multiple moves, and have gone from sitting on the shelves of BTS’s rookie-era dorms to the luxurious apartment they live in today. The fact that BTS has held on to this gift has warmed fans’ hearts!


7. Jin donated food to an animal shelter on his 26th birthday

On December 4, the Korean Animal Welfare Association announced that Jin had made a generous birthday donation to animals in need. Jin quietly sent a whopping 322 kg of pet food to the shelter at his own expense.

BTS’s Jin Celebrated His 26th Birthday With This Heartwarming Donation

Chances are, fans would have never found out about this donation if the recipients hadn’t tweeted about it.


8. BTS secretly donated 100 million won to the Sewol Ferry Disaster 416 Family Council

In 2017, news broke that each of BTS’s members had quietly donated 10 million won (approx. $8,500) to the Sewol Ferry Disaster 416 Family CouncilBig Hit Entertainment had contributed 30 million won (approx. $25,500) for a total donation of 100 million won (approx. $85,000).

BTS Donates 100 Million Won to Sewol Ferry Victims’ Families

The donation had been made privately, but a representative of Big Hit Entertainment confirmed it after news of the donation began to circulate.


9. Jin helped a former Big Hit Entertainment trainee get into acting school

Brightoon, the same former trainee Suga took to the hospital, revealed that he also received help from Jin. After leaving trainee live, Brightoon struggled both personally and professionally to find his way. When he asked Jin for acting school suggestions, Jin helped Brightoon to get into the same acting school he himself had attended by personally calling the school and giving Brightoon a recommendation.

Brightoon ultimately decided to switch to a less expensive acting school, but credits Jin for helping him take a step forward.


10. BTS donates part of their own earnings to UNICEF

Everyone knows that BTS is heavily involved with UNICEF, but many people still aren’t aware that part of the proceeds that go to UNICEF have come out of the members’ own earnings.

3% of the Love Yourself album sales have gone directly to BTS’s “LOVE MYSELF” #ENDviolence fund.