4 Of The Biggest Disasters That Happened On K-Pop Stages

Number 3 was one of the biggest disasters in Korean broadcast history!

Most of the time, K-Pop stages are exciting times for both the audience and the artists. However, there have been some big disasters that happened during K-Pop stages. Here are 4 of the biggest disasters that happened on K-Pop stages.

1. Red Velvet’s Wendy getting hurt at SBS Gayo Daejeon rehearsals

During the rehearsals for the 2019 SBS Gayo Daejeon, Wendy suffered some major injuries. Wendy ended up breaking her pelvis, wrist and suffered several facial injuries after she fell off a stage during rehearsals. When Wendy was doing sound rehearsals, she went up the stairs to the 2nd-floor tunnel as instructed in the script.

However, when she got ready to walk down the stairs, the lift stairs didn’t arrive in time. Wendy ended up losing her balance and fell down the stairs.

It turns out that Wendy got hurt due to the area not being prepared properly.

The 2nd-floor tunnel was dark and narrow. The lift stairs weren’t ready either. Red Velvet’s Wendy rehearsed in that environment. If they at least put marking tape on the specified areas, she wouldn’t have fallen.

— Staff member

Fans were enraged by this accident and demanded an apology from SBS. Not long after, SBS released an apology.

2. Apink getting cut off during the 2019 KBS Gayo Daechukje

When Apink were performing their song “Eung Eung” at the 2019 KBS Gayo Daechukje, they ran into a heartbreaking situation. When the song ended, the members turned to their dancers and were preparing for another performance. However, the performance ended up getting cut short by KBS, which angered a lot of fans.

The Apink members later revealed that everything was an accident and that KBS had apologized to them.

3. RUX’s broadcast disaster

In 2005, a Korean punk band called RUX was invited to perform at a music show called Music Camp. The band ultimately accepted the offer, and their performance was going fine in the beginning.

However, as the band was performing, some guests came on the stage to perform alongside them, and this is when disaster struck. The guests then began to undress themselves live on the broadcast.

While the camera tried to pan out of the stage, it was already too late.

After this incident, Won Jong Hee, a member of the band, as well two of the guests, were arrested by the police for indecency and disrupting business.

Not only that, but this incident also caused Music Camp to get canceled.

4. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon nearly getting kidnapped

In 2011, Girls’ Generation were performing at the Lotte World Ice Rink when a “fan” snuck up on stage and attempted to kidnap Taeyeon.

Thankfully, the MC, Oh Jung Tae, as well as member Sunny, was able to stop the “fan”.

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