4 Korean Celebrities Who Were Once On Their Way To Stardom But Ended Up Ruining Their Careers

Numbers 1 and 3 got involved in multiple scandals.

Just because a Korean celebrity is on their path to stardom, it doesn’t mean that everything will go as planned. Here’s a list of four Korean celebrities who were once on their way to stardom but ended up ruining their careers.

1. Rapper Iron

Rapper Iron made a name for himself after he appeared on Show Me The Money 3. Iron ended up getting second place on the show and was praised for his talents.

However, his career came spiraling down after a series of scandals. When Iron released his first full-length album, he got criticized by netizens due to the lyrics of one of his songs. In his song “ROLL”, there were some lyrics that implied that he was glamorizing rape.

I heard you said “Boy, just rape me”
I think I’m sober, Not crazy
This is my play gym for you play as muc has you want My babe
Understand this first Ain’t no lover
Brand this in your head I’m yo fuckin’ owner
I conquer, you obey, we only harvest the instinc god seeded
Hol up, I won’t say it twice, strip

— “ROLL” lyrics

Then in 2017, he was found guilty of physically assaulting his girlfriend. All these scandals had quite an effect on his image, as netizens no longer support him like they used to.

2. Former BOYS24 member Hwayoung

Hwayoung was once a member of BOYS24, but he got kicked out of the group after an audio clip got leaked. In the audio clip, Hwayoung could be heard making offensive comments about fans.

I like being called oppa, not when I hear it from fans though, I fucking hate that. Ya, Fuck. It’s so annoying when we do the Hi-Touch.

You know, the Hi-Touch? Like when you hold hands and greet fans after the concert is over. Everyday I go through like 700~800 people and I feel like I’m going to puke.

— Hwayoung

This incident caused his image to take a hit, and a lot of fans ended up turning their back on Hwayoung.

3. Actor Lee Seo Won

Lee Seo Won debuted as an actor in 2015, and he was making quite a name for himself. He even was selected as a host for Music Bank in 2016.

However, his career came to a halt in 2018 when it was revealed that he had sexually harassed a female celebrity and threatened another with a knife. He soon was removed from Music Bank, as well as other shows he was a cast member of.

4. Singer Choi Young Tae

Choi Young Tae was a contestant on Superstar K, and he impressed a lot of viewers with his singing skills.

However, recently a YouTube reporter by the name of King of Journalist revealed that Choi Young Tae turned into a scam artist. Reporter Kim claimed that Choi Young Tae would post items to sell on a used goods website, take advanced payments, and never give the bought item to the buyer.

While Choi Young Tae has admitted to these crimes and said that he would never do them again, Reporter Kim claimed that he’s still scamming people due to private loan debt.

Netizens were shocked when this got revealed, as Choi Young Tae was once on the way to stardom.