4 K-Pop Idols Who Got Involved In Fake Scandals In 2020

Some of these are just crazy.

While there have been plenty of K-Pop idols who got involved in scandals in 2020, there have also been lots of idols who got involved in fake scandals. Here’s a list of four K-Pop idols who got involved in fake scandals this year.

1. Seulgi (Red Velvet)

An anonymous netizen recently made a series of posts, which have now been deleted, claiming that Seulgi bullied her. The netizen claimed that she was a student at SOPA (School of Performing Arts Seoul) at the same time as Seulgi, and claimed that Seulgi would do things like take her money and physically hurt her.

The netizen even uploaded a picture to prove that she graduated from SOPA.

Not only that, but she also uploaded a photo of the medications she claimed to have been taking to treat her depression due to the trauma of the bullying.

ReVeluvs (Red Velvet’s fandom) quickly found out that everything this malicious netizen claimed was all false. Regarding the SOPA graduation picture, a reverse image search showed that the photo the netizen used was taken from Instagram, and was uploaded in 2019. Seulgi graduated from SOPA in 2013 and was already well into her idol career in 2019.

Also, the medications the netizen uploaded wasn’t a depression medication but was actually pills that included Erdosteine, which is used to treat bronchitis.

ReVeluvs were extremely frustrated about this and called for SM Entertainment to take action against the netizen for creating a false rumor about Seulgi.

2. Naeun (APRIL)

On an online community board post, a netizen claimed that Naeun had bullied her in the past.

Due to what I went through in elementary school, I cried and made a fuss a lot of the time. So even now, my mom grits her teeth whenever she sees Naeun on TV.

— Netizen

Naeun’s agency quickly denied this rumor and stated that they were going to take legal actions. A few days later, the said netizen ended up writing an apology letter to Naeun, saying that everything she said was false.

| Nate Pann

I’m writing this apology to take responsibility for my post on Nate Pann, shared July 22, 2020, Wednesday. Everything I said about APRIL Naeun’s history of bullying in elementary school is false. I have never been affected. I apologize to Naeun and her fans for spreading this rumor and causing trouble. I’m sorry.

— Netizen

Fans and netizens were in disbelief over this situation, as they couldn’t believe the netizen’s actions.

3. Jo Kwon (2AM)

A malicious netizen decided to leave a comment accusing Jo Kwon of clubbing in Itaewon on the night a person confirmed with COVID-19 visited 5 clubs in Itaewon.

Explain why you went clubbing last week.

— Netizen

Jo Kwon ended up seeing this comment, and he refuted the claims made by the netizen.

Sorry, but I never went! I should sue you. I’m going to capture your Instagram and hand it over to the cyber investigation team for defamation. Have I been going to easy on you? Do you think I’m a joke?

— Jo Kwon

Jo Kwon even shared that he wasn’t clubbing that night and was actually watching The World of the Married at his home.

I was at home watching ‘The World of the Married’, thank you very much.

— Jo Kwon

Jo Kwon concluded his message by showing some “sympathy” towards the netizen.

It’s sad thinking that you’re probably snickering at the fact that I actually showed interest in your comment.

— Jo Kwon

4. Woo Ji Yoon (Former member of BOL4)

Woo Ji Yoon debuted as a member of BOL4 in 2016 but ended up leaving in 2020. After her departure, she made her solo debut, and one of her songs caught the attention of some netizens. In her song “DODO”, which she wrote the lyrics for, there were some lyrics that some netizens interpreted as attacks on her former BOL4 groupmate Ahn Jiyoung.

Your endless desire and greed is a reason for a side out.

You pushed me away and took the set point

Salud beer, tryna gaslighting.

My dreamlike work was burnt away, rock my boat.

It’s a nightmare for me.

I’m selfish til the end.

The self-justification was that flowers will bloom tomorrow, for you.

I was worried for you.

I’m glad I got out.

Every clouds has a silver lining

Beat it, I did.

— DODO lyrics

However, Woo Ji Yoon quickly refuted these claims and stated that she had been working on “DODO” since 2019, which was before she withdrew from BOL4. 

I worked on “DODO” back in 2019 of which I posted a part of it. And the remaining part became the main part. A verse of “Island” was also completed last summer, and aside from the instrumentals, nothing is different from back then.

— Woo Ji Yoon