5 Creepiest Moments In K-Pop History That Had Netizens Feeling Deeply Disturbed

Number 3 had netizens terrified.

In K-Pop, there have been plenty of creepy moments, whether it be due to sasaeng fans, anti-fans, companies, etc. Some of these moments were so creepy that netizens ended up feeling deeply disturbed. Here are 5 of these moments.

1. SHINHWA Kim Dong Wan’s encounter with a sasaeng fan

Earlier this year, Kim Dong Wan’s agency, Office DH, released a statement on Instagram about a sasaeng fan who had been bothering Kim Dong Wan for quite some time. They shared that this sasaeng fan had been constantly trespassing into Kim Dong Wan’s home and that she wouldn’t leave him alone.

Hi, this is Office DH. This rule of thumb has been announced several times but it continues to fail being followed — So here we go again. Since last summer, this person has been showing up at Kim Dong Wan’s house. We’ve tried everything: We tried sitting her down and talking to her about the issue. We tried taking her up with the police. For a while, she didn’t show up. But today, she showed up in front of Kim Dong Wan’s door. She apparently climbed over the fences…

— Office DH

| @kimdongwan_official/Instagram

Netizens were shocked by this and voiced their concern on how stalking was not looked at as a serious crime in Korea.

2. Seeing the hate comments Apink’s Naeun received

Some fans did some digging and found some of the hate comments Naeun received from one of her most notorious haters.

Son Naeun’s p*ssy is a sl*tty p*ssy. iKON‘s B.I licked Son Naeun’s p*ssy like a dog and f*cked it!!! Son Naeun is an ugly sl*t who can’t act and she’s a retarded comfort woman who murders by abortion. Son Naeun is a flat chested b*tch with no curves…. Son Naeun is a dirty b*tch who gives sexual favors, etc.

— Son Naeun’s Hater @eddie39r on Instagram

While Naeun initially was going to take legal action against this hater, she decided to drop the case since the hater and his family claimed that he was suffering from a mental disorder.

However, netizens and fans were still extremely horrified by the amount of hate Naeun received and were speechless that she forgave the hater.

3. A sasaeng fan making NU’EST’s Minhyun uncomfortable

In 2019, a sasaeng fan decided to follow Minhyun in the airport and made multiple social media posts that had many netizens frightened and disgusted. This sasaeng fan purposefully invaded Minhyun’s personal space.

Thank you for letting me know how much you hate me. It’s okay, I have time. Let’s play;)

Sasaeng fan

Also, the sasaeng fan continued this behavior despite how uncomfortable Minhyun was.

So scared, he keeps looking back at me wtf.

Sasaeng fan

Netizens were terrified when they saw these posts, and some claimed that what the sasaeng fan was doing was considered sexual harassment.

“That’s scary.”

“What’s wrong with her, I can’t understand she’s like a stalker.”

“Smells nice, that’s basically sexual harassment right there.”

“Wow, that’s freaking terrifying. Minhyun must be so uncomfortable.”

“Giving me the creeps.”

“That’s sexual harassment. I’m getting goosebumps.”

— Netizens

4. Red Velvet receiving death threats 

In 2016, some anti-fans decided to get an ornament for a wishing tree that read, “Let’s kill Red Velvet <3“.

Netizens were terrified when they saw this, and couldn’t believe what the anti-fans were doing.

“There’s always people like this..what do these people live for?”

“This is too much.”

— Netizens

5. Cosmic Girls’ Luda getting inappropriately touched by a male dancer

When Cosmic Girls held their “Would You Stay – Secret Box” concert in Seoul, some netizens and fans were horrified watching Luda’s cover of Sunmi‘s “24 Hours”. Fans and netizens were horrified since they believed that a male backup dancer was inappropriately touching Luda during the performance. They believed that the dancer intentionally touched Luda’s chest in multiple parts of the performance.

While some netizens argued that all of this was just a part of the original choreography, others believed that it wasn’t.

Original choreography for Sunmi’s “24 Hours”

Many fans called out this dancer and demanded an apology.