5 Of The Creepiest Sasaeng Fan Stories In K-Pop History

Number 2 even got kidnapped!

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This article includes descriptions of graphic content that may disturb some readers.

One of the worst things that K-Pop idols have to deal with is sasaeng fans, as these “fans” are willing to do some extreme actions just to get the attention of their favorite idols. Here’s a list of some of the creepiest sasaeng fan stories in K-Pop history.

1. A sasaeng fan with a hidden camera

| hyokkeumTV/YouTube

A former K-Pop manager had an interview with a YouTube channel named hyokkeumTV and shared some of his worst experiences with sasaeng fans. One of the creepiest experiences was during a fan sign when a male fan showed up with some strange glasses.

It was obvious that the glasses did not suit him. He wasn’t a person who wore glasses. This was clear.

— Former manager

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The manager soon found out that the glasses looked strange because it had a hidden camera in it!

We later found out that the person had a camera on his glasses. So he can film it while he’s in front of them.

ㅡ Former manager

Thankfully, this sasaeng fan was quickly taken care of.

Thankfully, we discovered this and dealt with it. But that wasn’t the first time, this stuff happens very frequently.

ㅡ Former manager

2. Lee Bon getting kidnapped

During an episode of Kim Soo Mi’s Did You Eat, veteran idol Lee Bon shared that she once got kidnapped by a sasaeng fan. The incident began when Lee Bon was heading to her manager’s car after a day of filming. However, on her way to the car, she ended up blacking out.

It was a very cold day. My manager went ahead to heat up the car since I only had about 10~20 minutes left of filming. I finished filming and headed down a long stairway, but just as I was getting close to the car I blacked out.

— Lee Bon

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When Lee Bon woke up, she found that she was in a stranger’s house. While she was initially frightened, she calmed down a little after she heard the conversation going on outside her room. After hearing the conversation, Lee Bon decided to confront her kidnappers.

I heard from outside the room, someone saying, ‘Why did you bring her here and cause all this trouble?’ I realized that my kidnapper may not want to harm me.

I went outside and asked why they kidnapped me.

— Lee Bon

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The kidnapper then revealed that his brother was a huge fan of hers and that was the reason why he kidnapped her. Lee Bon ended up making peace with the two and spent a day with them.

The kidnapper told me that his brother was a big fan so he went overboard for him.

Realizing he was a fan, I asked them to show me around their neighborhood.

— Lee Bon

3. 2PM’s Taecyeon receiving a bloody letter

In the past, Taecyeon received a horrifying letter from a sasaeng fan. The reason why it was so terrifying was that the letter was written in menstrual blood, and she wrote that Taecyeon wouldn’t be able to live without her.

4. EXO nearly getting kidnapped

During EXO’s earlier days, some sasaeng fans rented a van that was identical to the one EXO uses. The sasaeng fans then parked the van near where EXO was finishing one of their schedules. After finishing their schedule, EXO walked towards the van, not suspecting anything.

Not a photo of the actual incident

However, their manager stopped them before they could get in, as he thought that the van was a little suspicious, and he ended up being right.

5. A sasaeng fan trying to kiss BTS’s Suga

After Suga finished up one of his schedules, a sasaeng fan shocked him by running up to him and attempted to force a kiss on him.

Despite Suga being uncomfortable with the situation and pushing the sasaeng fan away, she continued trying to kiss him.

Thankfully, a staff member came and was able to get the sasaeng fan off of Suga.

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