5 Idols Who Have Been Wrongfully Fat-Shamed

Fat-shaming is NEVER okay.

Fat-shaming is wrong literally all the time but these idols, in particular, were wrongfully fat-shamed by “fans” for a multitude of reasons, including simply not fitting the stereotypical model for what is conventionally perceived as attractive. But, as we know, everyone is different and no matter what someone’s body shape is, the only thing that really matters is one’s health and that is no one’s business but your own!

1. Hwasa (MAMAMOO)

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MAMAMOO’s Hwasa is a true trendsetter in the industry. Without even trying, she trailblazes breaking societal norms. Unfortunately, Hwasa gets a lot of undue criticism, including fat-shaming and body-shaming for being a thicc, curvaceous woman who embraces her body.

2. Wendy (Red Velvet)

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When Red Velvet first debuted, many of their members were shamed to the point that netizens were cruelly referring to the group as “Pig Velvet”. Wendy, unfortunately, caught most of the criticism for looking bigger than her groupmates despite being a normal, average size!

3. CL (Former 2NE1)

CL is a bad b*tch and is of one the best rappers in the industry. While she is absolutely a stunner no matter what her weight is, some people feel entitled to comment on her size, with one netizen asking “What’s she gonna do with all that fat?” Well, my dude, that’s totally none of your business! Whether CL is thin or thicc, she is unapologetically her and we love it.

4. Park Bom (Former 2NE1)

Park Bom has endured fat-shaming over the course of her career and, frankly, it’s absolutely appalling. More recently, she attended the 56th Grand Bell Awards and netizens couldn’t help but comment on her appearance. Bom has been through a lot over the course of her career and doesn’t deserve to endure more wrongful shaming of any kind.

5. Kyla (Former PRISTIN)

Former PRISTIN member Kyla was on the receiving end of criticism from netizens from her debut, with people making rude comments about her weight and even ignoring her during fansign events. Kyla was just 15 years old when she debuted and didn’t deserve the cruel comments and treatment she received. Not only is she beautiful and talented, but Kyla has also revealed herself to be a talented artist who makes the most UWU-worthy paintings! Fans who have missed her being part of the music scene can rejoice as she recently shared that she will be releasing new music soon!

These idols have been pillars of strength and true inspirations for their fans in the face of criticism and cruelty that most of us would crumble under. It’s completely unfair that we live in a world that forces us to pit women against each other, comparing body-types and fat-shaming, so let’s be extra appreciative of these ladies for teaching us to live our best lives and love ourselves, just by being themselves.

Source: Quora