5 Korean Actors Whose Image Took A Big Hit Due To Scandals

Number 2 bit a police officer!

While there are plenty of K-Pop idols whose image took a hit due to big scandals, there are also lots of Korean actors who experienced a similar thing. Here’s a list of five Korean actors whose image took a big hit due to scandals.

1. Lee Seo Won

Lee Seo Won’s career took a sudden shift when it was revealed that he had sexually harassed and threatened a female celebrity when he was drunk. Not long after this was revealed, Lee Seo Won pleaded guilty to his crimes. His image took a massive hit, as he was removed from multiple shows he was a cast member of.

2. Han Ji Sun

Han Ji Sun faced immense backlash when it was revealed that she had gotten drunk, got into a taxi, and physically assaulted the taxi driver. It was reported that she even went as far as hitting the taxi driver’s head with a thermos. Even when she was taken to the police station, she was still acting violent, as she reportedly slapped, bit, and kicked a police officer. Ever since this incident, Han Ji Sun hasn’t been involved in a K-Drama or film.

3. Son Seung Won

In 2019, Son Seung Won was sentenced to 18 months in prison for driving under the influence of alcohol, driving without a license, and for fleeing the scene. It was also revealed that he had hit a car while driving, which ended up sending two people to the hospital with minor injuries.

After he was released from prison, he made his first appearance by posting on his Instagram account. Lots of netizens left malicious comments towards him, criticizing him for his actions and for returning to social media.

4. Jang Mi In Ae

Jang Mi In Ae came under fire when she showed annoyance at President Moon Jae In‘s urgent disaster support policy that would help provide financial aid to low-income families.

This is so annoying. Korea doesn’t have that kind of money. You gave our land away to someone else, too, didn’t you? Are you really a government that saves the citizens? What’s the worth of that 1 million won? Whenever I see the news, I go crazy with rage.

— Jang Mi In Ae

After she made this statement, she faced immense backlash from netizens. However, she didn’t back down from her statement and announced that she would be retiring as an actress.

In light of the entire world going through this crisis, why are Koreans suddenly having a hard time? I didn’t understand why they’re suddenly giving citizens support from tax payers’ money, when it’s not even going to make a difference. After this, taxes will just go up, and I couldn’t keep my frustration to myself, which is why I uploaded that post. I don’t understand why Korea is doing this ahead of the general election. I’m just going to go my way. I didn’t know political remarks can be so sensitive and how much hate I could get as a result. I’m so sick of this. And to those who asked me if I donate, I do as much as I can. I’ve donated as much as I could given my finances. I feel foolish for worrying about my fellow citizens. I will no longer be active in Korea as an actress.

— Jang Mi In Ae

5. Uhm Tae Woong

In 2016, Uhm Tae Woong was sued for sexually harassing a female employee at a massage parlor. While he was found innocent of sexual assault, he was found guilty of prostitution when the court ruled that the massage parlor was an illegal facility. After this, Uhm Tae Woong was banned from multiple Korean broadcasting networks.