5 K-Pop Idols Whose Image Took A Massive Hit Due To Scandals

Some of them committed vile acts.

The image of a K-Pop idol is so important, as netizens are quick to turn their back against idols who get involved in a scandal. Some idols have even gotten involved in huge scandals that caused their image to take a massive hit. Here’s a list of a few of these idols.

1. Jimin (Former member of AOA)


Jimin faced massive backlash when it was revealed that she had bullied Mina during their time together in AOA. In some now-deleted Instagram posts, Mina shared how Jimin tormented her.


While Jimin initially tried to deny Mina’s claims, Mina made more posts to prove her claims, and Jimin’s image took a massive hit after this. Due to the severity of the scandal, Jimin decided to retire from the entertainment industry.

Hello, this is FNC Entertainment.

First of all, we’d like to apologize for our managing artist Jimin and the controversy involving her.

Jimin has decided to quit AOA and retire from the entertainment industry altogether.

We, as the agency, feel responsible for the situation. We will work harder to provide better management for our artists. Again, we apologize for making the fans worry.

— FNC Entertainment

2. Choi Jong Hoon (Former member of F.T. Island)

Choi Jong Hoon faced massive backlash after it was revealed that he had been involved in a group chatroom with other celebrities, where they would share illegally filmed videos of women. Choi Jong Hoon was found guilty of sexual assault, illegal production, and distribution of pornographic videos. Due to how badly his image was tarnished, Choi Jong Hoon left the entertainment industry.

Choi Jong Hoon, who has aroused criticism due to his involvement in recent scandals, has decided to depart from F.T. Island as of today. Choi Jong Hoon will faithfully participate in police investigations within this week. He will permanently leave the team and retire from the entertainment industry.

ㅡ FNC Entertainment

3. Yoo Seung Jun (Steve Yoo)

Yoo Seung Jun was once one of the most beloved artists in Korea, but his image got ruined after a big scandal. In 2002, he was supposed to fulfill his mandatory military service but decided to give up his Korean citizenship to acquire an American one.

Yoo Seung Jun faced massive backlash for this and was even forced to leave South Korea, as the Korean government viewed this as an act of desertion. Not only that, but he was also banned from entering the country as well. While Yoo Seung Jun has constantly made apologies throughout the years, he’s still looked at extremely negatively by the South Korean public.

4. Park Yoochun (Former member of JYJ)

In 2019, Park Yoochun made headlines after he admitted that he was guilty of illegal drug use. After this, Park Yoochun announced that he was going to retire as a celebrity.

I was afraid to let myself go but I think I have to admit what has to be admitted and ask for forgiveness for things that require forgiveness.

— Park Yoochun

However, in 2020, Park Yoochun made headlines once again when he announced that he was returning as a celebrity. Netizens weren’t happy about his return, as they believed that he should have stayed retired since he was found guilty of his crimes.

5. Go Young Wook (Former member of Roo’Ra)

In 2013, Go Young Wook was sentenced to two years and six months of imprisonment after he was found guilty of sexually harassing and assaulting three minors on five different occasions. His image went spiraling down after this, and he was immediately banned from all Korean broadcasting networks.