5 Things That K-Pop Companies Need To Stop Doing Right Now

Numbers 1 and 2 are just unacceptable.

K-Pop companies can quite shady, as many of them are known to mistreat their artists. Through the years, more idols have come out and spoken on how badly idols are treated by their companies. Here a few “trends” seen in a lot of K-Pop companies that need to stop happening right now.

1. Abusing their artists

Many K-Pop artists have come out and spoken on the abuse they’ve faced from their companies. Some have had to deal with not getting paid and getting overworked by their companies.


Some idols have had to deal with getting physically abused by their companies, to the point where they had to deal with injuries and trauma.

The East Light’s Lee Seokcheol

Many K-Pop companies also force their idols to starve so that they look a certain way, and book them with hectic schedules. This has caused many idols to faint from exhaustion.

2. Not protecting their artists

One of the worst things that K-Pop idols have to deal with is sasaeng fans. While many would assume that K-Pop companies would do their best to protect their artists from sasaengs, this hasn’t always been the case. EXO has been dealing with sasaengs for nearly a decade, and not much has changed throughout the years. Many EXO-Ls have criticized SM Entertainment for failing to protect their artists over the years.

3. Mistreating certain members

Some K-Pop idols don’t get fair treatment from their companies, which is quite upsetting for fans. One of the most common ways this is seen is when a certain member gets only a few lines. This is quite upsetting for fans as they believe that certain idols are getting held back by their companies. One example is when EXO-Ls were upset when Sehun got only a few seconds of lines in a song.

4. Ignoring their artists and fans

K-Pop companies can be quite shady towards fans, as there have been many instances where they seemingly ignored the requests of fans.

K-Pop companies are also known to ignore their artists. CLC is one group that has gotten ignored many times by their company Cube Entertainment.

5. Having their idols change their hair colors constantly

This one can depend on the idol, but it’s quite common for companies to want their idols to have a new hair color with each comeback. While this can be visually pleasing, the constant bleaching and dyeing can cause some severe damage. IZ*ONE‘s Wonyoung, who is only 15 years old, has caused some fans to get concerned as she has shown some signs of hair loss already.