5 Times Female K-Pop Idols Received Malicious Comments For Bizarre Reasons

Number 1 got criticized for getting into an accident.

It’s no secret that K-Pop idols have to deal with some absurd netizens, as idols get criticized all the time. There have been plenty of moments when idols, particularly female idols, had to deal with some absurd netizens. Here are a few times when female K-Pop idols received malicious comments for bizarre reasons.

1. Former SECRET member Jung Hana for getting into a traffic accident

In 2012, SECRET got into a car accident after their van slipped on an icy road.

Jung Hana ended up being the only member that needed to go to the hospital after the accident. However, many netizens left malicious comments after this was revealed, as they said things like, “I’m so relieved that you are the only one that got hurt.

2. BLACKPINK’ Lisa for her Thai background

Malicious netizens targeted Lisa after BLACKPINK appeared at the 33rd Golden Disc Awards.

They chose to attack Lisa for her Thai background and made comments about how Lisa was only attractive due to Korean makeup and how she was just an average Thai woman without it.

After this, many fans began defending Lisa from these malicious commenters.

3. Oh My Girl’s Seunghee for being friends with BTS’s V and Jimin

Seunghee, V, and Jimin have been friends since high school and have always been supportive of each other throughout their careers.

We trained together when we were in high school. They were friends that I cheered for since before we debuted, but they’ve become such global seniors.

It’s become harder to approach them especially because they’re a team and not soloists. That’s why I never mentioned our friendship in case it could harm our groups.

— Seunghee

V & Jimin

Despite V and Jimin being supportive of Seunghee, malicious netizens have accused her of using BTS for fame, leaving comments such as, “Who does Seunghee think she is to use BTS for fame?” and “Stop using BTS and get some other topics to talk about.

4. MAMAMOO’s Solar for going to an airport barefaced

When Solar appeared at an airport bare-faced, she became the target of many malicious comments, where many said she looked like a different person.

Solar even addressed the comments on how she was hurt by them and told these malicious commenters that their words can have a big impact on people.

I was honestly hurt, and I was surprised by the photo.

— Solar

5. IU for posting “inappropriate” photos

When IU posted behind-the-scenes photos from her photoshoot with W Korea, she was met with some criticism.

| @dlwlrma/Instagram

Some netizens felt that it was “inconsiderate” of IU to be posting these kinds of photos since, at the time, the “Nth Room” scandal was occurring.

| Insight

However, many came to IU’s defense against the malicious commenters.