5 Times Korean Celebrities Dished On What It Was Really Like Interacting With BTS

This is what BTS is like off-camera.

BTS are truly celebrities among celebrities, as their status in Korea is no joke.

There have been many instances where Korean celebrities spoke on what it was like interacting with BTS. Here’s a look at some of these instances.

1. Paul Kim on his friendship with V

On an episode of Idol Room, Paul Kim shared how V helped him at an awards ceremony. He shared that when he was lonely being surrounded by a bunch of idols who had their groups, V came up and started interacting with him

I received his help once.

I went to an awards ceremony once and I was alone since everyone was a group. Since I was alone, [V] came up to take care of me.

He told me, ‘Come sit next to me.’ He took the initiative to start up conversations with me first.

— Paul Kim

The same night, the two ended up exchanging numbers and went out to dinner, which led to their eventual friendship.

2. NU’EST’s Baekho calling V an angel

Baekho revealed during a live broadcast that V helped the NU’EST W members during the 33rd Golden Disc Awards. At the time, the group had four members since Minhyun was promoting with WANNA ONE. During the award show, there were only three chairs for the members to use. V saw this and brought an extra chair so that all the members could sit down.

3. Norazo Jobin’s interaction with Jin

| @mr.jobin/Instagram

On an episode of Happy Together, Jobin shared how Jin helped him during the 2018 KBS Song Festival. During the final stage of the festival, Jobin was in the back behind all the other singers.

Jin, who was an MC for the show, decided to approach Jobin and bring him to the front of the stage.

Not only did Jin bring him to the front of the stage, but he also encouraged Jobin to dance alongside him to enjoy the stage. Jin also purposefully didn’t let go of his hand, as he was afraid that he would go to the back again if he were to let go.

4. Yang Chi Seung on training Jin

Yang Chi Seung is a personal trainer for many Korean celebrities, and one of them happens to be Jin. In an episode of Happy Together, Yang Chi Seung shared that working with Jin is a joyful time since he is a polite student who always does what he’s told.

He also praised Jin for always greeting him whenever they meet.

5. IU on working with Suga

IU and Suga had incredible success with their song “Eight”. IU shared that working with Suga was incredibly easy and that she felt relaxed the whole time.

[Working together] was comfortable. The creative process was relaxed and comfortable, the most laidback of any song I’ve recently worked on.

— IU