These 6 Female Celebrities Have The “Trendiest” Faces In Korea Right Now, According To The Internet

🔥 Beware, this list is actually breathtaking.🥵

Trends change, including trends in facial features and what is considered good-looking. While, in the wise words of Bob Ross“beauty is everywhere,” certain preferences do exist. And according to the internet, these six female celebrities have what is considered the “trendiest,” most preferred faces in Korea right now. Check out the common facial features shared among these gorgeous, gorgeous girls!

1. BLACKPINK’s Jennie

In 2016, BLACKPINK’s Jennie debuted as the center of attention—so at this point she has been “trendy” for years. Always on point and never to disappoint, Jennie most definitely knows what’s good from fashion to food!

2. Aespa’s Karina

A cool cat on the rise, aespa’s Karina is stealing hearts left and right. Being too good-looking to be true, Karina is often dubbed a computer graphic visual. But she is real and she is trending her way right on to this list.

3. IVE’s Jang Wonyoung

It’s all eyes on IVE’s Jang Wonyoung wherever she goes, whatever she does. With a model-worthy body and a born-to-be-an-idol face, Wonyoung has been a superstar in the making since her IZ*ONE maknae days and is a total “It Girl” now!

4. Actress Han So Hee

From Nevertheless to My Name, actress Han So Hee has been busy building her career with irresistible roles in hit K-Dramas. In addition to her bewitching performances on camera, Han So Hee’s captivating duality makes her a revolving door without an exit.

5. Dancer Noze

When Noze went viral for her idol-worthy visuals in EXO Kai‘s solo performance of “Mmmh,” a certain fate had been set for the dancer. Now, following her appearance on Street Woman Fighter, Noze is undeniably the hottest dancer in Korea!

6. YouTuber Song Ji A

Single’s Inferno star and YouTuber Song Ji A charmed both the cast and viewers with her striking beauty and mysterious allure. With male celebrities sliding into her DMs and female followers swooning at her feet, it is clear: Ji A is that queen bee.

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