6 Historic Moments That Prove HyunA And DAWN Are The Power Couple Of K-Pop

They’re the definition of relationship goals!

HyunA and DAWN have quickly become K-Pop’s favorite couple due to their adorable relationship and perseverance even in the face of criticism and hardships. They’re truly one of a kind in an industry that often tries to hide idols’ dating lives! Here are 6 historic moments that prove HyunA and DAWN’s relationship is irreplaceable when it comes to K-Pop history.

DAWN and HyunA. | @hyojong_1994/Instagram

1. First Appearance After Confirming Their Relationship

To look at HyunA and DAWN, we have to start at their first couple appearance after confirming their relationship status! Following a tense few days after the rumors broke out, HyunA and DAWN left their previous company and eventually entered P Nation together. They made their comeback into the public eye in November 2018 at a Jimmy Choo event in Seoul. Their comments were flooded with fans supporting the couple!

| @hyunah_aa/Instagram

2. Referencing Each Other In Songs

HyunA and DAWN have no problem referencing each other in their solo work, and it’s honestly the cutest thing! In DAWN’s song “DAWNDIDIDAWN,” he refers to HyunA in the line, “Bubble pop senorita always by my side.” “Bubble Pop” was HyunA’s solo debut song back in 2011!

| DAWN/YouTube

HyunA referenced DAWN in her song “I’m Not Cool” in this clever wordplay: “I love early mornings, Dawn, Dawn, Dawn / I’m not solo.” Even though they originally weren’t releasing music together, they never shied away from mentioning their relationship!

| HyunA/YouTube

3. First Couple Appearance On Knowing Brothers

HyunA and DAWN made their first couple appearance on a variety show when they visited Knowing Brothers in 2019! It was an adorable and hilarious episode, full of insight on how HyunA and DAWN got together, some bickering, and more. The cast members were as happy to see the couple as fans were!

| JTBC Voyage/YouTube 

4. First Idol Couple To Perform On MBC Gayo Daejejeon

They made history yet again when they performed at the 2019 MBC Gayo Daejejeon festival as the first idol couple in history to do so! HyunA and DAWN performed a dance duet that many fans felt perfectly represented how the couple went from hiding their relationship in their previous company to finally being able to be open about it.

5. First K-Pop Couple To Release A Duet Album

Earlier this year, HyunA and DAWN announced they were releasing an album together — the first in idol couple to do so in K-Pop history! The couple previously released comebacks on the same day, but this was their first project together. Their EP 1+1=1 came out on September 9, 2021, with the title track “Ping Pong.”

| @hyojong_1994/Instagram

6. First K-Pop Couple To Perform Together At A Music Show

Following the release of their first mini-album together is their first appearance on a music show as a couple! They’re the first couple to promote together as a duo and seriously, nothing can beat the real chemistry of a couple on stage. Their performances for “Ping Pong” showcase their compatibility both as partners and as idols!

| MBCkpop/YouTube

It’s only been a few years since HyunA and DAWN made their relationship public and they’ve already smashed through so many barriers in K-Pop. We can’t wait to see what the idol couple has in store! Check out “Ping Pong” below.

Source: JTBC Voyage, Instagram, Instagram and MBCkpop