5+ Breathtaking Two-Shot Photos Of NMIXX’s Sullyoon And Jinni That Are So Pretty, They Don’t Even Seem Real

#6 even trended! ✨

NMIXX is a group full of pretty girls, and Jinni and Sullyoon are two particular members who are always a hot topic because of their unreal visuals! To see exactly why they’re hailed as being part of 4th gen’s top beauties, see their 5+ best two-shot pictures below.

1. Their Pictures By The Beach

When NMIXX visited the beach, Sullyoon and Jinni stunned in crop tops and pants. Their animated and lively expressions just brought out their natural beauty!

2. Their Pictures At A Fansign

They got creative for a past fansign and wore the most adorable costumes and accessories.

3. Their Pictures At An Interview

Not long after they made their debut, Sullyoon and Jinni sat down for a lighthearted video on NMIXX’s official YouTube channel. They dished on why they became K-Pop idols, the action Sullyoon did for Jinni that she’ll never forget, and what their first impressions of each other were. They wore comfy sweaters and even flashed the same pose for the camera!

4. Their Pictures At A Baseball Match

Next, the two looked gorgeous when they watched a local baseball match with their members.

5. Their Pictures On Instagram

They look just as dazzling in their selfies together!

6. Their Pictures At An Awards Show

Finally, their recent appearance at the 2022 MAMA Awards trended online because of how beautiful they both were. It’s no exaggeration to say that all eyes were on them.

Meanwhile, get to know more about Sullyoon and Jinni in the article below.

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