9 Times BTS’s J-Hope Proved He’s An Admirable And Hardworking Artist

Not many people are strong enough to have #5.

BTS‘s J-Hope is the total package — He works hard, stays humble, motivates his members, and has a strong and focused mentality. Check out some of the reasons J-Hope deserves all of the praise he receives and more for being such an incredible artist and person!

1. He’s consistently acknowledged by the members for his leader behavior in BTS.

The members look up to J-Hope for his mature and professional mindset that helps guide them to work hard and be successful.

You’re the most professional member in our team … To be honest, you take care of the stuff I miss even though I’m the leader.

— RM, Bon Voyage Season 2

RM also admitted he would hand the title of “leader” over to J-Hope out of all the members.

2. He’s exceptionally skilled at everything he tries.

His reputation as the “Golden Hyung” is not only known within BTS…

…but also throughout all of the Big Hit artists and staff. Even being called “Hobi” is a compliment for being talented at everything!

I’ve heard from staff members that he’s famous for being good at everything.

— TXT’s Taehyun

3. He shows his wisdom when offering advice to people who want to pursue the same path.

J-Hope once gave advice to trainees on the survival show Under Nineteen.

He discussed how sincerely loving performing helps to deliver his true emotions and “bring happiness to peoples’ eyes and ears.”

4. He has always had a reliable, humble, and strong presence in BTS.

The members often compare J-Hope to a pillar or mountain since he has an unwavering and resilient mindset.

He selflessly listens to everyone before coming to a conclusion…

…but when it’s his time to step up, “he becomes the strongest guy.”

5. His healthy mindset shows his maturity and mental toughness.

J-Hope lives his life in an honorable way that many people can learn from.

He revealed he has no regrets and wouldn’t change anything about his past self since all of his choices have lead him to become who he is today.

He also has a great mentality when encountering hardships and knows the true way to get through a slump is to endure it.


6. His motivation was clear to him from the beginning.

J-Hope revealed on tvN‘s You Quiz On The Block that his mother made many sacrifices for him to pursue his career.

| tvN

From the beginning, he knew that he had to succeed so her sacrifices were not in vain and to repay her for the way she took care of him.

| tvN

7. He never gives anything less than 100% of his effort.

J-Hope’s undying work ethic pushes him to practice long hours into the night and hold himself to the highest standard possible.

Regardless of the circumstances, he does his best until the very end, like when he was filming his one-take “Chicken Noodle Soup” music video in the sweltering heat of summer.

8. When it’s time to focus, he becomes more serious than anyone.

J-Hope’s focus is so intense, the members often find him intimidating.

J-Hope is always the first to notice when I make a mistake.

— Jungkook


You don’t want to see him angry — At least, according to Suga who revealed J-Hope becomes the scariest member when he’s angry!

9. His praise means the world to his fellow members.

The members get excited over compliments from J-Hope since they hold him in such high regard and know how much of a hardworking person he is.

It’s so funny that the members are thirsting for Hobi’s praise. They want to be recognized because he’s a cool person.

— Netizen

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