Here Are 5 Of BTS J-Hope’s Most Serious Moments That ARMY Find Totally Hot

Everyone went wild over #3!

BTS‘s J-Hope has the most handsome smile…but when he’s not smiling and gets focused, he unleashes a whole new side of himself that drives fans crazy! Check out some of his hottest serious moments below, according to ARMY.

BTS’s J-Hope | @uarmyhope/Instagram

1. In a casual setting

During casual settings, like livestreams, vlogs, or practicing with the members, J-Hope shows his calm and cool side.


When J-Hope’s focused, fans swoon over his boyfriend material vibe.




2. Monitoring his performance

Prepare your heart for “Team Leader Jung!” When he’s intently critiquing a performance, whether it’s his own or from others, his manly charisma stands out.

It’s no wonder the members are a little afraid of how intense he becomes!


3. Off Stage

Below the stage, he’s nothing but business — and according to fans, it’s totally hot.


Backstage, he does everything he can to put on the best concert possible and make the show run smoothly. Even helping others, there’s nothing he can’t do!


4. On stage

If you’re looking for J-Hope’s most charismatic expressions, the best place to find him is on stage!


Take your pick: “Serious, getting business done” J-Hope…


…or “totally wild and badass” J-Hope!



5. Photoshoots

During pictorials, J-Hope isn’t afraid to use a serious expression…


…and it suits him so well!



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