4 Times BTS’s Jimin Gave The Most Heartwarming Advice

Number 1 touched the heart of an ARMY.

BTS‘s Jimin is known for his kind personality, and throughout the years, there have been many moments where he’s given great advice to people. Here’s a list of 4 moments when Jimin gave the most heartwarming advice.

1. Jimin sharing how he overcomes thoughts of giving up

At a fansign, an ARMY (BTS’s fandom) asked Jimin how he overcomes thoughts of giving up.

When you want to give up, what is the incantation that only Park Jimin says to himself in order to overcome it?


Jimin answered by saying that he thinks about himself in the future and that he gets motivated to work hard when he imagines himself reaching success. Jimin’s advice ended up touching this ARMY, and she thanked him for the advice.

2. Jimin’s message to the eliminated trainees from I-LAND 

During the finale of the survival show I-LAND, Jimin gave some touching words to the members of ENHYPEN. However, Jimin also gave a sweet message to the trainees who were eliminated from the show, as he told them that they shouldn’t feel too down on themselves.

Congrats. What I want to say is for those who debuted and those who didn’t, don’t forget this moment and you’ll do whatever you want to. Debut isn’t everything.

— Jimin

3. Jimin’s advice to students about to take the CSAT

The CSAT (College Scholastic Ability Test, also known as the Suneung) is a big deal in Korea, and many even say that a person’s life is determined through this test. However, when BTS was giving messages to students about to take the CSAT, Jimin told them that they shouldn’t feel too anxious about the test.

I hope you don’t get too anxious about it. It’s not the last test you’ll take in your life. Just do your best and leave no regrets as it won’t be your last.

— Jimin

4. Jimin’s advice to the trainees on I-LAND 

At the finale of I-LAND, Jimin congratulated the remaining trainees on the show and told them that they should always remain humble. He also advised them to never forget those who helped them on their journey.

I don’t know if I’m in the position to give advice, but something to think about is never forgetting your fans, and love your members, and your job. I’m sure you’ll have a good outcome. I’ll cheer you on

— Jimin