4 Times BTS’s Jin And His Brother Exuded Peak Sibling Energy

“I don’t expect too much of you studying, lol.”

BTS‘s Jin and his brother Kim Seok Jung are the definitions of siblings, as there have been plenty of moments where they have jokingly teased each other.

BTS’s Jin (Left) & Kim Seok Jung (Right)

Here are 4 times Jin and Kim Seok Jung exuded “peak sibling energy.”

1. Kim Seok Jung’s response to Jin’s statement from You Quiz On The Block

BTS’s Jin

In a recent episode of tvN’s You Quiz On The Block, Jin shared that his brother used to be the person he “disliked the most.” However, they’re now extremely close, and Jin even jokingly said that his brother calls him “Seokjin-nim.”

Up until high school, my brother was the person that I disliked the most. He would always be mean to me, but now he’s like, ‘Aigoo~Seokjin-nim! Thanks to you, Seokjin-nim~.’

— Jin

Kim Seok Jung soon took to his Instagram to “clarify” a few things.

Hello, this is (former) the most hated person (current) begging man. I am posting this because there are some clarifications that need to be made. I am not that weak to beg like that. Don’t bother your younger siblings with force just because you were born first in that short period of time. The order of birth is not to be trusted, so always be nice in advance.

⁠— Kim Seok Jung

Not only that, but Kim Seok Jung also shared a KakaoTalk message between him and Jin!

Kim Seok Jung: But really, this is a bit unfair. When did I ever put my hands together and say, ‘Seokjin-nim Seokjin-nim’. I was in a lower and more graceful position while saying ‘Seokjin hyung-nim’. That’s too much.

Jin: True, true. I toned down the story a bit because it was going to be broadcast.

Kim Seok Jung: Aigoo, is that right hahaha

— Conversation between Jin and Kim Seok Jung

| @kimseokjung90/Instagram

2. Kim Seok Jung playfully thanking “MC Jin”

In 2020, Kim Seok Jung got married, and Jin was the MC for the wedding!

On Instagram, Kim Seok Jung playfully thanked his “wink-loving little brother” and Lee Hyun. Kim Seok Jung also playfully said that he had no “intention” of singing with his brother. 

I had no intention of singing with my ’round’ and ‘wink-loving’ little brother who hosted my wedding, but 8Eight’s Hyun Hyungnim set up an emotional stage. After the congratulatory songs of my long-time friends who showed off our bright friendship, our guests who set aside their work and resting time congratulated us over and over. Thank you, everyone. We’ll do our best to live a good life!

— Kim Seok Jung

3. Kim Seok Jung’s letter to Jin

In 2007, Jin attended a camp in Australia to help improve his English. While he was attending this camp, Kim Seok Jung decided to send a hilarious letter.

I see you have kept your calm among kids who are even older than me. I was kinda jealous at first because I didn’t like that you went to a place alone that I’ve never been to, but I laughed when you told me all your friends left you while you were looking up words in your phone dictionary.

Here it is so hot. I sweat even when the air conditioner is on. Our parents are well, it’s only me that feels like dying. I study hard because I have the title of high school second grade, which I didn’t ask for.

My biggest worry is that you’ll get beaten up. Don’t ever get beaten up, show them the power of the Koreans. I don’t expect too much of you studying, lol. Don’t get beaten up, grow your strength and return to Korea because your cool brother’s fists are waiting for you.

p.s: Don’t ever tell Mom you got this mail. I’m gonna get in so much trouble if Mom finds out that I was on a computer.

— Kim Seok Jung

4. Kim Seok Jung’s playful post after Jin shared what he would do with his prize money

In an episode of tvN’s You Quiz On The Block, Jin got some prize money after winning a game! A fan asked Jin what he was going to do with the money, and Jin playfully said, “I’m saving it until I have enough money to bathe in it.”

| Weverse

Kim Seok Jung saw Jin’s playful response regarding the prize money, and he decided to make a witty post on his Instagram!

Hello, this is Kim Bowing man. Although I named myself, why is it the Bowing man and not Iron man or Batman or something. I guess this proves why people should think again before taking action. A lot of things happened today. Trivial little things became news; I guess my hyung (Jin) is pretty famous. But considering his fame, it’s quite funny as the younger brother to see him trying to take a bath with twenty 50,000 KRW bills. I’ve collected more than him, so I’m off to take a bath. Thanks for enjoying the story, and have a good day.

— Kim Seok Jung

| @kimseokjung90/Instagram