4 Times BTS’s Suga Was The Sweetest Hyung To Jungkook

#1 will touch your heart!

The BTS hyungs adore their maknae Jungkook dearly, especially Suga. Over the years, there have been many moments where Suga was the sweetest hyung to Jungkook. Here are 4 of these moments.

1. Suga wanting Jungkook to show off one of his talents

BTS’s Jungkook (Left) & Suga (Right)

Near the end of BTS’s guest appearance in the Cultwo Show, the members were asked to give an ending message, but Suga brought up that Jungkook had prepared a special impersonation and that he should show it off before the show ended.

The impersonation Jungkook prepared was of actor Choi Min Sik from the film Nameless Gangster: Rules of the Time.

Jungkook showed off his impersonation, and everyone burst with laughter. The MCs loved Jungkook’s impersonation so much that they asked him to conclude the show with Choi Min Sik’s voice, and Jungkook did!

2. Suga’s reaction when Jungkook got teased

BTS’s Jungkook (Left) & Suga (Right)

Jungkook was once shopping for clothes, and this surprised some of the hyungs since Jungkook usually doesn’t shop for clothes.

Jin then brought up that Jungkook was even looking at some slacks, which caused laughter.

Suga then asked the members why they were teasing Jungkook so much, and Jin responded by telling him, “I’m not teasing him. I’m saying it because he’s cute.

3. Suga always buying food for Jungkook

BTS’s Jungkook (Left) & Suga (Right)

In an episode of New Yang Nam Show, the BTS members were asked who buys food the most, and Suga said that he didn’t know the answer to that question, but he did know that Jungkook spends the least.

Jungkook disagreed with Suga’s statement.

Jungkook then brought up that he treated the members to a meal that cost over 800 USD for his graduation ceremony!

Suga, however, didn’t back down from his statement and said that whenever he goes out to eat with Jungkook, he pays since he’s older. However, Suga sometimes “expects” Jungkook to offer to pay, but Jungkook just thanks him for the meal and doesn’t consider paying. After Suga revealed this, Jungkook just laughed.

4. Suga letting the maknaes win in basketball

BTS’s Jungkook (Left) & Suga (Right)

For this one, Suga was a sweetheart to the maknae line (Jimin, V, and Jungkook). In an episode of Rookie King, BTS played basketball. They were split into two teams, the hyung team (Jin, Suga, and RM) and the maknae team (Jimin, V, and Jungkook), and J-Hope was a commentator. Suga is quite skilled at basketball, but he decided to go easy on the maknaes in the game.

| The K-POP/YouTube  

The maknae team ended up winning, and Suga said that he let them win because they’re cute!

| The K-POP/YouTube 

Here’s the full video below!


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