BTS x McDonald’s: 10+ Merch Items To Expect From The Collaboration

Get your wallet ready!

On May 26, The BTS Meal is coming to McDonald’s around the world! In honor of this delicious collaboration, HYBE Merch is releasing special BTS x McDonald’s Collaboration Merch, which will be available for purchase at the Weverse Shop beginning at 7 PM (EST) on May 26. Here’s what to expect!

1. Photocards

That’s right! HYBE and McDonald’s have heard ARMY’s demands, and they’re going to give the people what they want. McDonald’s confirmed that photocards are coming, but it’s unclear whether these cards will be included with The BTS Meal or be found at the Weverse Shop.

The cards could feature the BTS teaser photos McDonald’s tweeted as part of the countdown.

Jin | @McDonald’s/Twitter

2. Logos

On Twitter, McDonald’s also confirmed that logos will be part of the merch.

These logos, also seen in the HYBE Merch teaser video, appear to be stickers that fans can use to decorate everything from laptops…

…to suitcases.

3. Shirts, placemats, and…?

ARMYs were hella jealous of the “crew shirts” for McDonald’s employees, but it looks like they will be getting shirts too!

| @saint/Twitter

In the teaser video, BTS are all wearing McDonald’s collab shirts, and two designs can be seen hanging on a rack. At the bottom of the rack, there is also a placemat, and a bag that could be holding an umbrella…or, perhaps, an ARMY Bomb?

4. Socks

Two different socks designs are shown in the teaser. One has a picture of McDonald’s classic fries.

The other has a gold band for McDonald’s and a purple band for BTS, along with a logo.

5. Hats and accessories

In addition to shirts and socks, it looks like HYBE Merch might be releasing mini-bags, bucket hats…

…and baseball caps with McDonald’s fries as part of the design. Could there also be new notebooks?

6. Summer wear

“Butter” is bringing the heat, and so is HYBE Merch! Don’t leave for the beach without these sandals and this towel.

7. Housecoats

Don’t feel like going out? Why not lounge in this purple housecoat instead?

8. Cameras

Let’s cross our fingers and hope that this yellow camera is part of the merch line! It’s perfect for capturing memories during the “Butter” era.

9. Tote bags

This pink tote bag features the logo for the sweet chili sauce included in The BTS Meal.

10. Laptop cases and pens

This screenshot shows what appears to be a laptop case, along with BTS x McDonald’s themed pens on the table.

11. A vinyl?

Without a doubt, the most mysterious item in the teaser video is this music player. Will BTS release a special “I’m lovin’ it” McDonald’s jingle? We can only hope!

Watch the teaser here: