10+ Small But Precious BTS Moments You Might Have Missed In 2018

These moments are small, but special.

BTS experienced many major triumphs this year, including award wins, a GRAMMY nomination, a sold-out world tour, and the release of their first feature-length film, but there are also little moments that ARMYs love. Here are 10+ of these small but precious BTS moments you might have missed in 2018!


1. “Drunk Festa”

Every year, BTS celebrates their debut anniversary with ARMYs. Fans always cherish this celebration, but 2018’s Festa might be the new favorite. During the celebration, BTS enjoyed food and drinks, and some of the members ended up getting a little tipsy by the end of it.

While there’s no shortage of precious (and hilarious) moments in this video, fans especially loved the moments when V and Jungkook revealed Suga‘s sappy text messages.

V revealed that Suga sent him a text saying that he loves him…

…and Jungkook got one too!

When Jimin said that receiving Suga’s love would give him strength, Suga surprised him by saying “I love you” right then and there!


2. When Jin introduced himself on The Graham Norton Show

An interview with Jin is never boring, but no one was prepared for his eccentric self-introduction on The Graham Norton Show. When Graham Norton asked the members to introduce themselves, Jin got out of his seat, asked where the camera is, then blew one of his famous kisses at it!


3. Every time their fancams broke the internet

Several BTS fancams went viral this year for very good, totally legit, purely educational reasons. Most recently, Jungkook’s charismatic walk from BTS MAMA performance of “Airplane Pt. 2” gained more than 13 million views after Twitter user ggukreum switched out the music for Beyonce‘s “Partition”.

A month earlier, Jin was the one stealing hearts with his ultra-handsome fancam from the MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards.     

The real showstopper, however, was Suga with his legendary 9-second fancam that currently has over 31 million views!


4. When Jimin had no idea why he was trending

To celebrate the anniversary of Jimin’s first tweet, ARMY shared countless posts about their lovable Mochi and caused the hashtag #ThankYouJimin to trend worldwide on Twitter. At first, Jimin was completely confused by this seemingly random outpouring of love, since there was no particular comeback, birthday, or holiday he was celebrating at the time.

“what is this? ㅎㅎ i saw it after i came in because i wanted to leave [tweet] something what is this ㅎㅎㅎ”

— Jimin

Once Jimin realized what was happening, he sweetly thanked ARMY for their ongoing support!

“what would have happened if i didn’t see it thank you sincerely i saw it exactly when i came [into twitter] ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ this is so cool thank you everyone i love you too”

— Jimin


5. When Suga knew exactly why he was trending

Speaking of hashtags, ARMYs couldn’t get enough of #Minbuttfell, back in January. It happened after Suga tried to sit on a desk chair RM gave him, but fell off it, landing on his behind. After BTS tweeted about it, the hashtag #MinButtFell trended all over the world!


6. When everyone accused Jin of being from the Blue Village

In one of the most iconic Run BTS! episodes to date, BTS had to uncover which members were secretly part of the “Blue Village” by piecing together clues. At one point, everyone suspecting Jin of being a Blue villager.

In fact, they were so adamant that even viewers started to believe it was true!

In reality, three of Jin’s most steadfast accusers were the real Blue villagers!


7. When ARMYs celebrated the mysterious #BTSGlitchParty

Earlier this year, fans discovered a number of mysterious glitches in BTS’s music videos that inspired a slew of theories, excitement, and confusion.

It all started with BTS’s “RUN” dance practice video, a livestream, and the “Young Forever: Epilogue” video. Many ARMYs noticed that all three videos glitched 31 seconds into the video. Fans also discovered a strange timestamp in the subtitles of some of BTS’s older MVs, like “Boy in Luv”.

There Is One Mystery Surrounding BTS That ARMYs Have Yet To Solve

ARMYs never did figure out what it all means, so it looks like the #BTSGlitchParty will remain one of 2018’s greatest unsolved mysteries!


8. When the “God of Destruction” smote Jungkook’s shirt…twice

On June 3, RM caused an epic wardrobe malfunction while BTS was performing “Fake Love” on SBS‘s live music program, Inkigayo.

When he grabbed Jungkook’s collar, he accidentally tore the shirt wide open!

In a backstage video, Jungkook said how surprised he was and how he had a difficult time not laughing about it throughout the performance.

The staff sewed Jungkook’s shirt shut to prevent the mistake from happening again, but RM’s deadly hand would not be stopped!

The wardrobe malfunction happened again and, like J-Hope predicted, it blew up the internet!


9. When Jungkook revealed his unusual self-styling in a live broadcast

In October, Jungkook did a live in a stylish leather jacket and a baseball cap. Toward the end of the video though, he revealed that he hadn’t actually dressed up for the live. He was still wearing his pajamas underneath!

He sweetly followed up the reveal by saying that he’s happy with the fashion choice because being happy is what truly matters.


10. BTS’s 2018 dance challenges

In 2018, BTS ruled supreme in just about everything, including dance challenges. Not only did J-Hope’s #BaselineDanceChallenge highjack Drake‘s #InMyFeelingsChallenge…

BTS also took over social media with their super fun #IDOLCHALLENGE!


11. This loving embrace between Jimin and V

During Episode 6 of Bon VoyageJimin helped V get through an emotional moment by hugging V from behind.

He also called V “내 새끼”, “my baby”, on his way over to him. This term of endearment is used by parents when referring to their children in a fond manner.