5 Times BTS Gave Us Way Too Much Information About Their Underwear

TMI? There’s no such thing.

BTS and ARMY are a family, and as such, they’re comfortable enough to talk about…well…everything. Here are 5 times BTS got chatty about their undies.

1. The Pajama Party

During an exclusive Zoom meeting with 200 fans, BTS shared fun facts, including a TMI about their underwear. When a fan asked if BTS differentiates between pajamas and the clothes they wear at home, Jungkook told everyone that he doesn’t wear underwear at home.

Jungkook: I’m not wearing underwear at home.

RM: I’m the same way.

— Jungkook and RM

Ahem! Jimin quickly decided that was enough TMI for one day! “Let’s move on,” he said, changing the subject.

2. Panty Sonyeondan

BTS hosted a special fan club event to celebrate the release of their Japanese compilation album, BTS, THE BEST. When was asked about his favorite fashion item is, he said he recently bought a new “panty.” Cue shenanigans!


Jungkook and RM both wanted to know what color underwear V had purchased (black), but the fun didn’t stop there. Jungkook announced that he was wearing blue underwear and J-Hope dubbed BTS “Panty Sonyeondan.”


Then there’s Jin. He checked his underwear on national television to verify the color: gray.


3. What happens at dance practice doesn’t stay at dance practice.

During a live broadcast for Map of the Soul: 7, V revealed that BTS had practiced so hard that their underwear became sweaty.

What? The contrast between Jimin’s “I can’t handle this” reaction and Jungkook’s “I’m going to pretend he didn’t say that” face was pure hilarity.

RM had to step in before the broadcast went completely off the rails. “Can you pronounce it clearly again?” he asked, giving V a chance to backpedal.

According to RM, V meant that all their layers of clothing had become sweaty, not just their underwear. We believe him. Really…

4. That time Suga stole Jungkook’s underwear

Old school ARMYs already know this story, but let’s revisit it in 2021 for no reason whatsoever. Back in 2013, Suga made a hilarious confession during an episode of BTS’s first reality show, Rookie King.

| The K-POP/YouTube

Suga confessed to stealing the underwear Jungkook had thought he’d lost. Jungkook wasn’t a fan of other people wearing his clothes, but Suga declared that he wouldn’t stop “borrowing” his members’ outfits.

| The K-POP/YouTube

5. When Jungkook got revenge on Suga for stealing his underwear

What goes around comes around! After the infamous Underwear Confession, Suga began receiving underwear as gifts from fans.

| nyunyu뉴뉴/YouTube

He had more undies than he needed, but he still noticed when they started to go missing. Who was the thief? None other than Jungkook. In fact, during this interview, Jungkook was wearing a pair of stolen underwear…and his members checked to confirm it!

| nyunyu뉴뉴/YouTube