4 Times BTS’s V Had No Filter And Gave TMI About The Members

V shared what color his underwear was, and it led to other members sharing!

BTS‘s V is quite an honest person, and there have been many moments where he gave TMI about the members.


Here are 4 of these moments.

1. Giving info on BTS’s underwear

In a live broadcast, the members talked about Map of the Soul: 7, shooting music videos and rehearsing in the US. V then shared that they practiced so hard that their underwear got sweaty!

Jimin burst into laughter after V said this. RM playfully asked V to rephrase his comment.

RM then hilariously “clarified” that “underwear” meant “under all,” as in all their clothes were soaked in sweat, not just their underwear.

2. Revealing Jimin’s shower habit

At 2015 FESTA, V spoke a bit about Jimin’s “unique” shower habit. It began with V sharing that he always finds Jimin’s wet bandanas on the bathroom floor.

RM was confused about why the bandanas were wet, and V shared that Jimin showers with a bandana on!

The members laughed and teased Jimin a bit for his shower habit. Jimin then shared that he wears a bandana when he showers because of neck pain.

3. Exposing BTS’s habit of not wearing clothes at home

On Weverse, V spoke a bit about BTS’s habit of not wearing clothes at home.

BTS’s Jin | @BTS_twt/Twitter

A fan asked V for some content!

Taehyung, since you haven’t been here in a while, reveal lots of videos of the members… Reveal Taehyung’s album… We welcome the members’ faces within Taehyung’s phone any time.

— Fan

| Weverse

V then shared that the members don’t post many personal photos and videos since they often don’t wear clothes at home!

That’s fine, but we have the tendency to have the free mind of wanting to stop oppression and protect our worth. So there aren’t many that show us with our clothes on.

— V

| Weverse

4. Sharing details about his underwear

V was asked what his current favorite fashion item is in a recent talk show, and he said, “Panty.” After V said this, everyone burst with laughter.

The members got playful and asked V questions like what kind of panty he bought and the color. V then said, “Shh. It’s a secret.”

This didn’t stop the members, as RM and Jungkook asked V again what color his underwear was. V then honestly shared that it was black! This led to some of the other members sharing what the color of their underwear was. Jungkook said that his underwear was blue, and Jin said that his underwear was grey. Jin even went the extra mile and checked his underwear to verify the color before saying this!