DAWN’s 5 Reasons For Loving HyunA Confirm That They’re Relationship Goals

The last one even made HyunA pause!

HyunA and DAWN are undeniably one of the cutest couples in K-Pop history, and their latest vlog together just further proves that!

HyunA and DAWN. | @hyojong_1994/Instagram

HyunA asked DAWN to tell her five reasons that he loves her, and he had no hesitation before listing them out — although when it came to the last one, he couldn’t pick!

1. Cute

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There’s no denying that HyunA can be so adorable, especially when she’s around DAWN! While HyunA can be totally fierce and strong on stage, it’s clear from her behind-the-scenes videos and social media that there’s a cute side to her too.

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2. Sexy

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No one does duality quite like HyunA! She’s done a ton of different concepts throughout her career, from cute to sexy, and she can pull them all off thanks to her natural confidence and stage presence.

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3. Entertaining

DAWN said one reason he loves HyunA is because she entertains him! He and HyunA have a ton of laughs when they’re together, and their vlogs together prove it. Their energies are a perfect match (for the astrology folks out there: they’re both Geminis!) and they have everyone looking for their own HyunA/DAWN.

| @hyojong_1994/Instagram

4. Full of emotions

DAWN said that one reason he loves HyunA is that she’s “full of emotions!” Not only does HyunA make DAWN laugh, but she’s rarely shy when it comes to expressing how she feels, especially when it comes to their relationship. While at first, being so public was new to both of them, they’re now so open!

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Once he got to the last one, DAWN had to think about it for a second. Since it was the fifth reason, it had to really count! He eventually landed on a reason that would make anyone’s heart flutter.

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5. “Because you know me well

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Even HyunA was a bit speechless after DAWN said this one! She said that it was “a bit touching,” and we agree. HyunA said that she feels similarly to DAWN in this regard, saying “That’s one of the things I’m thankful for too.”

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Check out their recent “PINGPONG” vlog below to see this sweet moment!

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