5 Interesting Facts You May Not Know About TXT’s Soobin

His nickname is ____________.

With just hours left until the revelation of the next TXT member, fans have been working hard to discover more information about the members who have already been revealed. Here are some things that may help fans get to know Soobin a little better:


1. His nickname is “cucumber”

According to a person who claims to know the idol, Soobin’s nickname among close friends was “cucumber” because of his height. Rumors had it that Soobin was even taller than RM!

“His close friends often called him cucumber. It’s because he was long.”


2. His former classmates think highly of him

“Everyone, I’m Soobin’s middle school classmate. He’s a really kind, pure and fun friend. Please give him much support everyone. He’s made a lot of effort so please give him much attention! Please look forward to his teaser as well. He’s a really diligent person.”

“TXT’s Choi Soobin is Big Hit’s rookie. He’ll be revealed soon but he’s handsome and is truly a passionate and diligent man. Please think of him as a hard-working kid and give him much love!! His appearance such as his height and face is perfect but in my opinion, his personality and character are much more impressive. He’s humble and very considerate to those around him, he has a lot of affection. Please give the rookie group + Choi Soobin much love.”

“Everyone, my friend is finally debuting!! Yes!! The leader of Big Hit’s rookie, TXT!! His name is Soobin!! The Soobin that I know is a really kind-hearted friend! His skills are of course extraordinary too!! He also worked really hard towards the unclear future of a debut with consistent perseverance and passion. He was very good to not only me, but the people around him and is really worthy of his title as leader. Please give not only my friend Soobin but TXT who will be very excited and nervous about their upcoming debut. Thank you!”


3. He apparently loves almond milk

Fans have been speculating that the introductory videos of the TXT members show their real-life interests and hobbies. If this proves to be true, Soobin is an almond milk lover as he is seen drinking it in his introduction video!

In fact, a person who claims to be his friend has indicated that Soobin can’t live without almond milk and he’d be happy to receive it for his birthday, anytime.

“He cannot live without almond milk. That is his energy. He said we could simply give him almond milk for his birthday.”


4. He is a “spelling Nazi”

Soobin is apparently known to always have perfect spelling and pointed out when his friends made spelling errors.

“Also, rumors of TXT’s Soobin never making spelling mistakes is true. When I made sometimes made spelling mistakes in the past, he sent me this image and pointed it out.”

Source: Twitter @/l0ve-txt

“Bell that rings when you make a spelling error. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep”


5. More pre-debut photos


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