3 Rebellious K-Pop Groups Who Broke ISAC’s Rules

All three fandoms love their idols even more for getting “banned.”

The Idol Star Athletics Championships (commonly shortened to ISAC) is a popular broadcast that most fans were excited to see return after a two-year break for the pandemic. But other fans had hoped that ISAC would stop airing because of the danger that the show often poses to idols.

In fact, before the 2022 ISAC, Stray Kids‘ fans voiced their displeasure with the already-busy idols having to take time out of their schedules to attend the broadcast, risking further injury.

Yuehua Entertainment, the agency of TEMPEST, EVERGLOW, and Lee Do Hyun, also went viral for their warning post to fans, wanting to ensure that true fans of the artists were treated fairly.


Over the years, more experienced groups have often shown cavalier attitudes towards the broadcast, which are known for being challenging to endure. And although ISAC has never made an official announcement about these groups being banned, fans like to joke that these three groups, in particular, broke ISAC‘s rules, resulting in them being “banned.”


MONSTA X attended the 2020 ISAC despite having performed at the Jingle Ball the day before the broadcast was filmed.


Although MONSTA X was genuinely excited to see their fans in the audience…

The group arrived late to the event, missing the press conference, leaving fans convinced that the group didn’t want to be there.

Minhyuk told their fans that they should leave early, as soon as MONSTA X participated in the archery event. But, despite their lack of preparation, MONSTA X shockingly made it into the finals.

The group also took many photos at the event despite ISAC‘s rules that idols are not allowed to spoil the broadcast before it airs.

MONSTA X’s fans at the filming saw how much the group wanted to go home and even tried to help by releasing their own spoilers.

We gave spoilers so donโ€™t call MONSTA X next time.

โ€” @bnnk96/Twitter

2. GOT7

Much like with MONSTA X, fans were hopeful that GOT7 would be able to stop attending ISAC after both Jinyoung and Jackson received alarming injuries that affected their international promotions.

Jinyoung and Jackson

Like MONSTA X, GOT7 took multiple pictures during ISAC filming, including this iconic group selfie.


Fans like to joke that this selfie was why GOT7 was banned from ISAC, as they haven’t attended since.

Fans are even joking that JYP Entertainment‘s Stray Kids are trying to follow in GOT7’s footsteps after taking group selfies of their own.

3. BTS

The general understanding of why BTS stopped attending ISAC is because of their incredibly busy schedules and possibly anย alleged disagreements between HYBE and MBC.

But BTS’s fans have often boasted about BTS being “banned” from ISAC because of many spoilers they shared before the broadcast was released. In addition to uploading a lot of pictures…

V, Jimin, and J-Hope
J-Hope, Jin, Jungkook, and Suga
RM and J-Hope

RM and V both tweeted big spoilers about what they’d filmed.

Itโ€™s okay, we did better than we did during practice. If our ARMYs saw us working hard then Iโ€™m satisfiedโ€ฆ satisfiedโ€ฆ satisfwaAAAHHHHHhHHhHHhhHH

โ€” V

As the members strongly recommended it, I ended up participating in the relay.. thanks to them this was the first time Iโ€™ve run since middle school, not counting the treadmill.. Iโ€™m so thankful to my members..very thankful.. still I enjoyed myself. Youโ€™ve had a tough time today cheering us on ใ… ใ…  โ™ฅ๏ธโ™ฅ๏ธ Thank you!

โ€” RM

Because BTS actually broke the rules by posting spoilers before the broadcast aired, fans have fun joking that the group got banned even though ISAC has never confirmed the suspicion.

Notably, while still active, all three groups were not present at the 2022 ISAC filming. But it’s more likely that it had to do with busy schedules than the groups actually being banned.

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