7 Times Jessi Didn’t Give A F*ck About K-Pop’s Norms For Idols

“Everyone can date whoever the f*ck they want, okay? Doesn’t matter if you’re an idol.”

Over the course of her career, Jessi has blazed her own trail. From beauty standards to dating, here are 7 times she defied the expectations set for K-Pop idols by the entertainment industry, agencies, and society.

1. Speaking openly about her plastic surgery

Plastic surgery has always been a hot topic in Korea’s entertainment industry. Most idols do not address plastic surgery rumors, but Jessi has no problem talking about her own procedures.


I like how I am now because I’ve tried all I wanted to try and got rid of it. I like me now. I also know that I can’t be perfect.

— Jessi

On KBS‘ talk show Happy Together 3, Jessi told the cast that she had her eyes and nose surgically altered. She has also gotten breast implants and used fillers.

2. Telling the whole world about her cup size.

On Mnet‘s TMI Show, Jessi wanted to set the record straight about her curves. She boldly told the cast, “I really wanted to say this. I’m a large B-cup.”

As if that wasn’t enough, Jessi went straight over to Mijoo to show off her chest!

Jessi: They’re not as big as you think, right? It’s not a G-cup.

Mijoo: It could also be like a small C-cup.

Jessi: Yeah they could be a small C. People think they’re this big, like they’re as big as watermelons, but it’s not like that.

Mijoo: They’re like a melon, no, naju pear size (larger variety of pears).

Jessi: Or like a large apple.

3. Her unapologetically sexy concepts

Although many idols embrace sexier concepts for their music videos, Jessi loves to push boundaries with her provocative clothing and choreography. For her “Down” MV, Jessi wore beachwear that received mixed reactions from netizens. She was prepared for this.

I know you’re not supposed to do this in Korea. But I’m ready to take the criticism. I believe it’s right for a woman to have confidence in her body. If you’re confident, you can show it off. I wish all women could be able to do everything they want.

ㅡ Jessi

4. When she basically told her boss to mind his own business

In a video on STUDIO WAFFLE, the host pointed out that PSY, the CEO of Jessi’s agency P Nation, doesn’t like it when Jessi shows too much skin.

| 스튜디오 와플 – STUDIO WAFFLE/YouTube 

Jessi’s response? “I don’t really care.”

| 스튜디오 와플 – STUDIO WAFFLE/YouTube 

Jessi also pointed out that PSY has also worn revealing outfits for his performances.

Exactly. That’s my point. He once dressed like Beyoncé and wore thongs.

— Jessi

5.  Her “no pants” airport fashion

Jessi was heavily criticized by Korean netizens when she showed up to the airport in what appeared to be a pants-optional outfit.

Rather than apologizing for her outfit, Jessi explained that her “underwear” was actually shorts.

Uhm just so you guys know… I am wearing pants, okay? I have pants on. Okay? They’re called legging shorts!

— Jessi

6. When she spoke openly about her dating history

In the first episode of tvN‘s new variety show, The Sixth Sense, the cast was asked, “Who do you think has dated the most?” Yoo Jae Suk picked Jeon So Min, while Jeon So Min and Oh Na Ra picked Jessi. Jessi set the record straight by telling the cast how many boyfriends she has had.

Wait. I’ve only dated 5 boyfriends before. [. . .] I just didn’t want any misunderstandings. I don’t date around like that.

— Jessi

7. Defending HyunA and DAWN

For idols, dating can mean risking their career, but that was a risk DAWN and HyunA were willing to take. After their relationship went public, Jessi was one of the first people in the entertainment industry to defend them.

Everyone can date whoever the f*ck they want, okay? We’re not little children. Doesn’t matter if you’re an idol. They do have a little bit of an image, but she’s old enough to date whoever the hell she wants. And the fact that she came out and said she’s dating whoever, let her date him.

— Jessi