K-Pop Idols Who Never Got Properly Paid By Their Former Companies

These are just sad.

It’s quite well known that K-Pop idols work extremely hard, so many would assume that their companies would pay them for their work. However, this isn’t always the case. Here’s a list of a few K-Pop idols who never got properly paid by their former companies.

1. Yeonwoo (Former member of MOMOLAND)

In the past, Yeonwoo made a shocking comment regarding her time at MLD Entertainment. She revealed that she had never received a paycheck during her 3 years as a member of MOMOLAND.

If I win 10 million won, that’ll be my first paycheck. I would buy food that’s over my current food budget.

— Yeonwoo

2. The Rose

In 2020, the members of The Rose requested for their contracts to be terminated from their company, J& Star Company. It was revealed that the company overworked them and had never paid the members since their debut in 2017.

3. Sunghyun (Former member of IN2IT) 

Sunghyun made some headlines when he revealed that he had never once been paid by his company for his 2 years of work.

Ever since signing a contract before IN2IT began, I never got paid once, not even the contract payment.

Besides the 50,000 won that they gave me every month for the past year to pay my phone bill, I never got paid over the past 2 years.

— Sunghyun


STELLAR was a group that was active from 2011-2018. However, the members made a shocking announcement when they revealed how little they were paid during that time. The members revealed that they never got paid properly, and only got paid 10 million won (~ USD 9,000) in total over the 7 years they were under the company.

“We honestly never got paid correctly before…

Many people think, ‘You guys booked a lot of events, and made a lot of money. That should be good enough. Stop cosplaying as a victim.’

I don’t care what other people may think, but we didn’t make as much profit as they think we did. We never got paid correctly.

— Gayoung 

5. Dayul & Daon (Former members of Baby Boo)

Dayul and Daon once revealed that they never got paid by their agency during their 4 years of working as Baby Boo.

During our 4 years of activities, we went to around 500 different events. But we haven’t gotten paid by our CEO for any of them.

— Dayul


Both these artists were once a part of T.S Entertainment, and they both ran into the same problem.

Several members of SECRET have revealed that T.S Entertainment ignored them for years and chose not to pay them.


B.A.P once filed a lawsuit against T.S Entertainment for severely underpaying them, and for taking a bulk of the profits.