5 K-Pop Idols Who Could Totally Be Sailor Moon IRL

Moon prism power!

Some K-Pop idols just give off Sailor Moon vibes, don’t you think? The kind but strong moon princess is shero goals, and so are these idols!

1. Tiffany Young

We’ve long suspected that Tiffany Young is a real-life Sailor Moon, so of course, she’s at the top of the list! Beautiful and kind-hearted, Tiffany embodies everything Sailor Moon stands for.

2. Sana (TWICE)

TWICE’s Sana has the same face shape as Sailor Moon and with her beautiful blonde hair, and much like Usagi Tsukino, she loves to eat and won’t be shamed for it!

3. Chungha

Chungha is such an ethereal beauty that she looks like she came to bless us mortals with her overwhelming good looks. She’s even been referred to as “magic in human form” and if that doesn’t describe Sailor Moon, we don’t know what does!

4. Seulgi (Red Velvet)

Seulgi is just the cutest. She’s a bit clumsy and a little awkward as well — but that only makes her more endearing, just like everyone’s favorite moon princess!


Rosé is truly a timeless beauty and she was a svelte figure that would look good in Sailor Moon’s senshi uniform or Queen Serenity’s ballgown! Not to mention, her gentle and soothing voice is reminiscent of Queen Serenity’s firm but calm tone.

Who would you have included in this list and why?