Where Have You Seen Lee Seung Gi’s Fiancé Lee Da In Before? — Every K-Drama The Actress Has Been In

You’ve probably seen at least one K-Drama with her in it!

On February 7, Lee Seung Gi announced in a handwritten letter via Instagram that he is marrying his girlfriend of three years, Lee Da In. He stated, “This is the most important decision in my life,” while asking fans to support the couple’s new life together.

Hello, this is Lee Seung Gi.

It seems this year there are many reasons for me to write long letters.
Today, I would like to inform you of the most important decision in my life.

Lee Da In, the woman that I love, and I have decided to transition from lovers to ‘newlyweds.’

She accepted my proposal, and we received our blessings.
I am announcing this to you with joy in my heart from having someone to be responsible for.

She has a heart of gold, and she’s full of love. She is someone I want on my side forever.

I would like to share my happiness, and in turmoil, I would like to overcome it while holding her hand.

I hope you’ll support our future together. We’ll continue to share what we have and live happily ever after

Thank you.

— Lee Seung Gi

While Lee Seung Gi is well-known as not only a singer but an actor, Lee Da In is an actress herself, coming from a family of actresses, including her mother, veteran Kyeon Mi Ri and older sister Lee Yoo Bi.

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So, you’ve likely seen Lee Da In a K-Drama or two. Check out her filmography below.

1. Twenty Years Old (2014)

Lee Da In’s first role as the female lead, Kim Hye Rim, in tvN mini-series Twenty Years Old. Her old friend, played by HIGHLIGHT‘s Gikwang, now an idol group member, falls in love with her when they meet again years later, so they must keep their relationship a secret.


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2. The Fatal Encounter (2015)

Her next role was the supporting character Su Ryeon in the period drama film The Fatal Encounter. 

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3. Make A Woman Cry (2015)

In 2015, Lee Da In portrayed Park Hyo Joong in the 40-episode MBC K-Drama Make A Woman Cry, which focuses on a former detective turned restaurant owner.

4. Life Risking Romance (2016)

Lee Da In was the teenage version of Ha Ji Won‘s character, mystery novel writer Je In, in the 2016 South Korean-Chinese film Life Risking Romance, directed by Song Min Kyu.

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5. Entourage (2016)

Lee Da In guested as herself in Episode 7 of tvN’s K-Drama remake of Entourage.

6. Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth (2016-2017)

Her role as Soo Yeon in KBS2’s period K-Drama Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth was a fan favorite as her friendship with Ah Ro (Go Ah Ra) and her relationship with Ban Ryu (Do Ji Han) stole the show!

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7. My Golden Life (2017-2018)

Lee Da In might not have been the star of this 52-episode K-Drama, but viewers loved her character Choi Seo Hyun with Shin Hyun Soo‘s character Seo Ji Ho.

A woman has a chance for success, but falls into a bottomless pit of her life. She looks for ways to find happiness through her circumstance.

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8. Drama Special: The Expiration Date of You and Me (2018)

Lee Da In and Shin Hyun Soo reunited as Seung Yeon and Hyun Soo, respectively, in KBS2’s The Expiration Date of You and Me. Their characters originally met as first-year students and met again ten years later on a subway.

9. Come and Hug Me (2018)

In MBC‘s K-Drama Come and Hug Me, Lee Da In portrayed Lee Yeon Ji. This drama is about a man and woman’s healing after a murder case.

10. Between Friendship and Love Season 3 (2018)

Lee Da In had a supporting role as Cho Sook in Season 3 of Between Friendship and Love, a love story about a screenwriter and PD.

11. Doctor Prisoner (2019)

In KBS2’s medical drama Doctor Prisoner, Lee Da In starred as Lee Jae In, the sister of Lee Jae Hwan (Park Eun Seok).

12. Alice (2020)

Lee Da In was Park Jin Gyeom’s (Joo Won) only friend, reporter Kim Do Yeon, in the SBS sci-fi drama Alice. Kim Do Yeon had a crush on him since high school, and she investigated a mysterious case about drones. 

13. Lovers (2023)

Lee Da In is set to star as Kyung Eun Hae in the 2023 historical romance Lovers.

Get to know the actress better below.

Who is Lee Da In? Here’s Where You’ve Seen Lee Seung Gi’s New Girlfriend

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