Just Looking At These 5 Male Idols Will Shatter Your Heart For No Reason At All

They have such melancholic faces.

In K-Pop, there is a very specific pool of male idols that have been throned the “Princes of the Lost Lands”. This nickname comes from their unique visuals which make them seem like they’re somewhat hopeless and broken. And while their actual personalities may fall far from sad, these “princes” – who look like their kingdoms have been burnt and destroyed – are making all the K-Pop fans swoon with their melancholic charms!


5. NU’EST’s Ren

NU’EST‘s Ren, with his close-to-pale skin and starstruck eyes, can look pretty melancholic when he tries. In fact, he has gone viral on multiple occasion for looking completely ethereal when he cries. L.O.V.Es know, however, that it is only Ren’s visual that can seem sorrowful. In reality, he is affectionately called the “Handsome Crazy” for his wild-spirited personality.


4. NCT’s Winwin

NCT/WayV‘s Winwin also has the face of a prince who has lost his home. In fact, NCTzens point out, Winwin’s naturally composed and reserved manner makes him seem even more like he is “an exiled prince grieving over the fall of his kingdom”! Fans are aware though – while he may look melancholic AF sometimes, Winwin is usually more of a hottie with the body.


3. THE BOYZ’s Younghoon

When THE BOYZ‘s Younghoon broke into tears on camera, fans couldn’t help but fall in love with his extra soft side. And while his emotional crying did make fans go UWU, it also made them realize he is definitely one of the K-Pop princes with the beautifully sad faces. Younghoon’s puppy face may have you fooled – but beware, he’s a giant baby with a gorgeous physique towering at 6 feet tall.


2. BTS’s V

ARMYs know very well that BTS V‘s usual attitude isn’t anywhere close to melancholic. In fact, his unique and carefree personality makes him the farthest thing from sadness and despair. But he has his sentimental moments and that’s when his inner “helpless prince” visual pops out. When he gazes softly into the air with his big eyes that can seemingly be filled with sorrow, V can look like he lost a kingdom or two!


1. Park Jihoon

Former Wanna One member-turned-soloist Park Jihoon is the epitome of this “Prince of the Lost Land” visual. Park Jihoon can be doing the most exciting, energetic things but still look like he’s grieving the defeat of his forever-vanished kingdom. While his personality is filled with aegyo and positive vibes, his looks of despair will likely have you fooled.

Source: THEQOO