10 Times Park Bo Young And Park Hyung Sik’s Off-Screen Chemistry Upstaged Their K-Drama Romance

Number six is straight out of a drama.

Actors Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik had such intense chemistry in the K-Drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, which aired in 2017, that the two stars continue to gain attention for their every interaction.

Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Although the pairing in the K-Drama was adorable, with fans loving every moment of their on-screen romance…

The actors’ off-screen chemistry rivals that of their characters, which even caused Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik to get swept up in dating rumors for how they acted in-between scenes.

Park Bo Young recently brought up Park Hyung Sik in a live broadcast, stirring fans’ hearts once again as the actors continue to show off their support of each other.

Here are ten times that Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik’s off-screen chemistry upstaged their K-Drama romance.

1. When Park Hyung Sik couldn’t stay in character

Although the scene between their characters called for Park Bo Young’s character to poke Park Hyung Sik’s character in the face, which was supposed to elicit an annoyed response from Park Hyung Sik, the actor couldn’t resist smiling at Park Bo Young’s cuteness.

2. When they showed off their friendship between takes

Although filming a K-Drama can be exhausting, Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik always seemed to be in good spirits when they could joke around with each other.

3. When Park Hyung Sik admitted he’d always wanted to work with Park Bo Young

During a press conference, Park Hyung Sik admitted that he had always hoped to work with Park Bo Young.

Ever since I saw A Werewolf Boy, I wanted to act alongside Park Bo Young, and I am happy that I finally get to do so.

— Park Hyung Sik

4. When Park Bo Young admitted that she was a long-time fan of ZE:A

Park Hyung Sik is actually an idol and an actor, having debuted with the K-Pop group ZE:A. Park Bo Young once admitted in an interview that she “had [her] eye on Hyung Sik when he was an idol” and even knew “all of the title tracks by heart.”

I had my eye on Hyung Sik when he was an idol in ZE:A. I know all of the title tracks by heart, and Hyung Sik personally quizzed me to see my knowledge of the songs.

— Park Bo Young

5. When they were spotted together

Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik have often spoken about their incredibly close friendship, and from a picture of the two of them spending time together, it is clear just how comfortable they are with each other.

They were spotted laughing and walking together.

6. When Park Hyung Sik was the perfect gentleman

Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik once attended a fan meet and greet in Singapore. In videos from the fan meeting, fans noticed that Park Bo Young had difficulty getting comfortable since the chair was too high for her, and she couldn’t seem to lower it.

Fans reported that Park Hyung Sik didn’t hesitate to lower his chair and exchanged seats with Park Bo Young. He also reportedly gave the actress a blanket to cover her legs.

7. When Park Hyung Sik revealed his ideal type

In an interview, Park Hyung Sik was once asked about his ideal type, and the actor responded with a description that even the interviewer felt was very fitting for actress Park Bo Young.

My ideal type is a woman who is independent and passionate about her work, but also has a side to them that makes me want to embrace them when we’re together.

— Park Hyung Sik

When the interviewer even asked, “So your ideal type is Park Bo Young?” Park Hyung Sik couldn’t answer, simply smiling bashfully.

| MBCentertainment/YouTube 

8. When they both sent each other supportive gifts

When Park Bo Young started filming her movie Your Marriage, Park Hyung Sik sent her a coffee van and churros truck.

So when Park Hyung Sik started filming the K-Drama Suits, Park Bo Young sent him the same coffee and churros truck to cheer him on.

Park Bo Young’s sticker gifts to Park Hyun Sik (left), and vice versa (right).

9. When they both admitted their feelings for each other

In the past, Park Hyung Sik revealed that he loved his role in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon because he believed that his genuine emotions toward Park Bo Young made it his best performance.

Ahn Min Hyuk fell in love at first sight with Do Bong Soon, so I loved Do Bong Soon completely. Since I was adopting Ahn Min Hyuk’s emotions, our kiss scenes were really natural and nicely shot. I felt she was important and I cared for her. As their love became mutual, Ahn Min Hyuk’s genuine affection for her started showing. Of course, I think it was because Park Bo Young was so lovable.

— Park Hyung Sik

Park Hyung Sik even admitted that he “loved” her.

Park Bo Young-noona, I really loved you. You were that lovable. You were truly Bong Soon. Because you were the perfect Bong Soon, it was so natural for me to love you. I wanted to love you more but I’m sad it’s over.

— Park Hyung Sik

Park Bo Young has also admitted that she could have easily fallen for Park Hyung Sik’s intense gaze.

Park Hyung Sik has a sweet gaze. If he had just looked at me like that, I would have swooned, but he even looked at the director in the same way.

— Park Bo Young

10. When Park Bo Young spoke up about Park Hyung Sik five years after Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Even though it’s been five years since the iconic K-Drama aired, Park Bo Young mentioned Strong Woman Do Bong Soon in part of her live broadcast.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon was really fun to film.

— Park Bo Young

And the actress also opened up about Park Hyung Sik, sharing sweet and heartfelt words about her co-star.

Hyung Sik is so cute. He’s a philanthropist, and he’s really cute and kind. There’s no young man like him.

— Park Bo Young

| Park Bo Young/VLIVE 

Although it’s been five years since the K-Drama aired, the love netizens have for this pairing is as strong as ever.

Actress Park Bo Young Finally Speaks About Her “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” Co-Star Park Hyung Sik Again During A Live Broadcast

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