15 Times TWICE’s Sana Was So Cute It Will Make You UWU

We can’t handle how cute she is.

TWICE’s Sana is absolutely unforgettable. From going viral for her iconic “shy shy shy” to getting her CEO to greet his fans with a finger heart during his comeback, she has a way of making a lasting impression with her adorable looks and personality.

Because of that, it’s absolutely impossible to limit Sana’s cute moments to only a certain amount, but we certainly tried our hardest! Check out 15 of Sana’s cutest looks and moments below:

1. Sailor Sana

Source: daphiestuff/Tumblr

2. When Sana and Fanfanduck looked like twins

3. Kitty Sana going “blep”

4. Heartshaker, literally

Source: beautyidol/Tumblr

5.  Just two kitties hanging out

Source: twice-minatozakisana/Tumblr

 6. She made the ears move

7. Cute even when she’s eating

8. Making eating cute since ’96

Source: jeongyeon/Tumblr

9. That time she surprised Jihyo with a kiss

Source: jeongyeon/Tumblr

10.  Just two J-Line cuties being adorable

Source: myouiminas/Tumblr

11.  Sana being perfect

Source: hiraimz/Tumblr

12. When she introduced her new girlfriend—the penguin

13. Sana being relatable AF

Source: blankjiace/Tumblr

14. This adorable duck-like expression

Source: laliz-soft/Tumblr

15. Doing her iconic “shy shy shy”

What is your favorite Sana moment or look that was so undeniably kawaii that it made you UWU?