TWICE and GOT7 Fans Have Been Calling Out JYP Entertainment, Here’s Why

There are plenty of reasons why fans are frustrated.

While JYP Entertainment might be one of the biggest companies in K-Pop, they have been dealing with a lot of frustrated fans this year, particularly fans of GOT7 and TWICE.


Here’s a quick look at why Ahgasaes (GOT7’s fandom) and ONCEs (TWICE’s fandom) are so upset with the company.

1. GOT7

While Ahgasaes have plenty of issues with JYP Entertainment, one of the main things they’re frustrated with is how GOT7 is practically given the bare minimum and is almost being ignored by the company. For years, the GOT7 members have been vocal about sasaeng fans invading their privacy, but the company still hasn’t taken proper action against these sasaeng fans.

Fans are also upset at how, when GOT7 makes comebacks, they are barely given any social media promotions. Not only that, but Ahgasaes also are frustrated with how GOT7 is the only artist at JYP Entertainment who don’t have their albums for sale on Amazon. Due to this, international fans have to resort to more expensive methods to buy GOT7’s albums, and fans believe that if there were easier ways to purchase the albums, then GOT7’s album sales would go up, and so would their chart rankings.

Fans are also frustrated with the amount of control the company has over GOT7’s music. For GOT7’s EP SPINNING TOP: Between Security & Insecurity, the members wanted “Page” to be the title track, which is a song composed by JB. However, Park Jin Young decided to not allow it to be the title track, as he didn’t think it was GOT7’s color, which upset fans.


ONCEs are frustrated with JYP Entertainment for things like low quality and not giving the members more freedom as artists. Fans were quite upset when they noticed how little effort the company put into some of TWICE’s comeback teaser photos.

Also, fans are upset at how the members pretty much get ignored when they talk about activities outside of group ones. Jeongyeon has been quite vocal about wanting to sing a ballad, but JYP Entertainment has never fulfilled this wish.

ONCEs also recently employed LED trucks in front of the company building, asking the company to deal with malicious comments that target TWICE. Fans are also demanding JYP Entertainment to replace TWICE’s music production company, Naive, due to their past plagiarism controversy.

| @_Respect_TWICE_/Twitter
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