According To TWICE’s Nayeon, Here Are The 10+ Essentials You Need For A Long Plane Ride

Number six shows what a kind-hearted person she is!

TWICE is currently releasing TW-LOGS on their official YouTube channel to give fans a look at the behind-the-scenes of their record-breaking III US tour.

Tzuyu was the first member to upload her vlog, sharing all the members’ gorgeous natural beauty.

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Jeongyeon was the next to release her vlog, showing off her members’ endearing habits.

TWICE’s Jeongyeon And Nayeon Expose Chaeyoung’s Adorable Habit

The third member to release her vlog is Nayeon, who seemed so excited about giving fans an inside look at what TWICE does during their tours that she started recording while in the airport.

Having fun teasing Chaeyoung about losing her wallet and eating a delicious-looking cake together.

TWICE’s Chaeyoung (left) and Nayeon (right) | TWICE/YouTube 

Nayeon continues her vlog when she’s on the plane, taking the opportunity to show off her essentials for plane travel which include:

| TWICE/YouTube 

1. Long-Sleeved Clothes

Since Nayeon gets cold often on planes, it’s essential that she wears warm clothing.

| TWICE/YouTube 

2. Tablet PC

Since the flight from South Korea to California is around eleven hours, Nayeon entertains herself by bringing her tablet, which already has downloaded movies on it.

| TWICE/YouTube 

3. Hair Tie

Of course, being able to change your hairstyle while on a long flight is vital for comfort.

| TWICE/YouTube 

4. Headset

Which is essential for being able to watch movies without disturbing other passengers.

| TWICE/YouTube 

5. Sunglasses and Glasses

To switch out during the flight and especially for when they arrive in California.

| TWICE/YouTube 

6. Fan Letters

Nayeon often shows her kind heart, demonstrating her love for fans. She even impressed fans with her dedication to practicing English to be able to speak to fans during their concert. So it isn’t surprising that she would take fan letters to give her motivation on the trip.

| TWICE/YouTube 

7. Charger

Any experienced traveler knows a charger is essential for such a long flight.

| TWICE/YouTube 

8. Earset

In case she gets tired of wearing her headset.

9. Small Portable battery

Another essential for the long flight.

| TWICE/YouTube 

10. Facial Mist

In case her face gets too dry after being in the plane for too long.

| TWICE/YouTube 

11. Face Mask

| TWICE/YouTube 

And, the most essential item…

12. Snacks

Nayeon carries a small container of different candy, chocolate, gummies, and vitamins for the long trip.

| TWICE/YouTube 

Which she tells Jeongyeon that she is welcome to have if she gets hungry.

| TWICE/YouTube 

You can read more about her TW-LOG here.

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