3 Times TWICE’s Sana Spoke About Relationships And Her Ideal Type

Sana once confessed to someone in kindergarten.

TWICE‘s Sana has spoken several times about relationships and her ideal type over the years.

TWICE’s Sana | @citrus9698/Twitter

Here are 3 of these moments.

1. Her ideal type

Sana’s ideal type is someone who will treat her parents well and works hard in their profession.

2. Ambiguous answer about dating

Artists under JYP Entertainment (TWICE’s agency) aren’t allowed to date for the first 3 years of their careers. Sana, however, shared in an episode of Radio Star that they were never banned from having “some” relationships (unofficial dating)! This was before the dating ban on TWICE had been lifted.

3. Confessing to a boy in kindergarten

When Sana was in kindergarten, she gave a boy she liked a box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day!

This boy was so touched that he cried.

The boy and his mother later came to Sana’s house to thank her for the kind act!

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