Here’s Everything We Know About TXT As A Group, So Far

TXT is making their debut soon, and this is everything we’ve learned about them so far.

On January 23, Tomorrow x Together (TXT) dropped their first group introduction video that shows all of the members together for the first time. TXT hasn’t officially debuted yet, but here’s everything we know about them so far.


1. They have five members

Yeonjun was the first member revealed to the public. He was soon followed by SoobinHueningKaiTaehyun, and Beomgyu.


2. They are BigHit Entertainment’s second boy group

TXT is only one of two groups at BigHit Entertainment, and they are the first group to debut since BTS came out six years ago.


3. Their concept is “different but together”

TXT’s concept revolves around their tagline “you and I, different but together”. In TXT’s individual teaser photos, each member held a flower, but each flower was a different one.

In TXT’s first group teaser, all the members wear similar outdoor outfits, but each one is a different, bright color. BigHit Entertainment has stated that TXT “all come together under one dream in hopes of building a new tomorrow”.


4. All the members are teenagers

At 19, Yeonjun is the oldest member, while 16-year-old Taehyun is the youngest member. Soobin, the group’s leader, is 18, while Beomgyu falls into the middle at age 17. Like Taehyun, HueningKai is a 02 liner and is 16 years old.


5. They will have their own narrative

At this time, we don’t know what exactly TXT’s narrative will be, but dreams will definitely be part of it. Each member’s teaser video ended with the Morse code message “dreaming”, and BigHit Entertainment is known for creating extensive, complex storylines for their artists.


6. They are BigHit Entertainment’s first group to have an international member

HeuningKai is reportedly mixed race, he allegedly has a Korean mother and an American father of German descent who was born in Brazil. HueningKai was born in Hawaii, which makes him American also. The group also has at least one fluent English speaker, Taehyun. His language skills will help TXT to interact with their international audience, especially during interviews.


7. They are a visual group

TXT has been nicknamed “Team of Visuals”, and that couldn’t ring truer. Each of these handsome members have their own distinct but equally gorgeous looks, which is going to make choosing a bias very, very difficult.


8. They’re entertaining

Now that the group teaser is out, fans have gotten the chance to see how all the members interact. We can’t wait to see what antics these fun, mischevious friends have in store for us!


9. They are social media-savvy

As soon as TXT dropped their group teaser, the members began posting to their own official account (@TXT_members) to personally introduce themselves to their fans.


10. Fans are already stanning them

K-Pop fans have shown TXT love right from the beginning, and that support only grows stronger by the day.

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