7 Times Anti-Fans Tried To Bring EXO’s Chen Down By Spreading Ridiculously FALSE Rumors

But EXO-Ls shut them all down with truth.

After EXO‘s Chen announced that he’ll be marrying his girlfriend who is pregnant with their first child, malicious haters began to spread false rumors about him instead of celebrating his beautiful news.


1. Fake Video

Anti-fans uploaded a video of Chen telling fans to “Stop it” during a situation at the airport. They claimed he was telling them to stop talking about his girlfriend, but EXO-Ls who were there shut this rumor down by clarifying that his girlfriend was not mentioned.


2. Alleged Fiancée Instagram

Anti-fans uploaded photos from an Instagram account, claiming that the old photos belonged to Chen’s fiancée. They claimed she was secretly boasting about Chen but the account user and Chen never confirmed the account. EXO-Ls knew better than to believe any non-credited rumors.



Malicious haters began to claim NATURE REPUBLIC cancelled their contract with EXO because of Chen’s recent news. But NATURE REPUBLIC denied the claims.


4. Alleged Flea Market

A post claimed fans were posting Chen’s merchandise on an online flea market for dirt cheap. EXO-Ls knew only anti-fans would be capable of pulling off such a stunt!


5. “Recent” Date

Anti-fans uploaded an old photo of Chen allegedly having a date with his girlfriend. They claimed Chen boldly went on a public date despite the recent “hate” from his alleged fans who are demanding he leave the group. EXO-Ls brought proof that the photos were from years ago.


6. Fake Chat From 2015

A chatlog allegedly belonging to a fan and Chen was uploaded online. The messages that were supposedly sent by Chen was clearly fake af because any fan would know Chen would never speak this way!

Fan: “Are you by chance, Jongdae oppa?”

Chen: “Who dis?”

Fan: “I’m a young girl named Jung Soo Jung.”

Chen: “I’m f*cking tired of young girls”

Fan: “W..wait!”

Chen: “What”

Fan: “I really like you…”

Chen: “lol Do you think that’s funny?”

Chen: “Do you know why I’m talking like this?”

Chen: “I have a girlfriend who has the personality of an angel, beauty of a goddess, and the body of an ant.”


7. Chen Is “Damaging” EXO’s Image

A group of alleged fans wrote out a long message to SM Entertainment, demanding that Chen be removed from the group. Their biggest reasoning was that EXO’s image was being “permanently” damaged because of Chen’s marriage and pregnancy… But any EXO-L anywhere knows that all his marriage brings is joy to the hearts of true fans everywhere!


Chen can rest assured that despite the recent backlash from the haters, his true EXO-Ls will always stand by him to support and celebrate his life’s choices!

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