Actor Park Bo Gum’s Online Post From 4th Grade Goes Viral

It showed a different side of his personality.

Apart from his stellar acting prowess and heart-stealing smile, Park Bo Gum is also known by fans for his wholesome personality.

Park Bo Gum | @bogummy/Instagram

The actor often goes viral for his gentlemanly behavior towards people around him, the way he supports his industry friends, or his down-to-earth demeanor, even while mingling with the crowd of superstars. Park Bo Gum also has a good sense of humor, adding to his charms.

A resurfaced online post from his past recently revealed a new side of the actor, and netizens can’t seem to get enough of it!

A young Park Bo Gum | theqoo

The post in question is from when Park Bo Gum was just a fourth-grader, and it appears to be some sort of a digital slam book. The first few columns are general questions, including his name and blood type.

| theqoo


Name: Park Bo Gum
Gender: Male
Blood Type: O

But things got interesting when the questions switched to asking him about his personality, crushes, and his style.

| theqoo

Personality: I’m a good boy at home, but outside…? -_-a
Favorite Foods: Sushi, gimbap, kimchi pancakes
Crush: Even in 2003, I like someone in 4th Grade, Homeroom X…
Your Style: [I’m a] Handsome Man

The hint of mischief in his previous answers gave way to his wholesomeness in the next few questions, where he listed things he is good or bad at and invited friends to come hang out with him.

| theqoo

What You Do Well: Swimming, playing the piano, singing, dancing, and more
What You Can’t Do Well: Playing musical instruments that I haven’t learned before
Email Address: [blurred]
Hey friends! Come hang out at Mokdong Elementary School’s 4th Grade Homeroom 5!


While his mystery crush in “4th Grade, Homeroom X” has gotten netizens extremely curious, they also can’t get over what an unbelievably adorable fourth-grader Park Bo Gum was. A commenter also claimed to be a classmate of the actor from elementary school and said that he was always a nice kid.

| theqoo

58. “Yo, handsome man!”
59. “Omg, this is adorable.”
60. “How cute! LOL.”
61. “He is, indeed, a handsome man.”
62. “[Emoticon]”
63. “This is so cute… T_T”
64. “OMG, this is from my elementary school! LOL. I used to be friends with Bo Gum back then… He was such a nice kid. Haha.”

This is, however, not the first time Park Bo Gum’s past life has resurfaced and won hearts. While his supposed elementary school friend vouched for his niceness, his friend from middle school had previously revealed that the actor had stood up to school bullies for him. The two remained friends even in High School, and the friend thanked Park Bo Gum for his kindness through an online post.

Just as how you were the only student who didn’t bully me, even if the whole world is against you, I will always be on your side. I can’t forget the time you shared your umbrella with me at the Central Plaza when it rained.

— Netizen

It looks like fourth-grader Park Bo Gum summed up his future personality pretty accurately. He is indeed a “handsome man” and a “good boy” inside and outside of his home equally.

Source: theqoo
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