Here Are The Members Of ITZY That aespa’s Karina Is Closest With

She also reveals how they all met.

Fans of ITZY and aespa are recently getting the friendship content they deserve!

After ITZY was seen hyping up aespa’s first place win for “Savage,” fans have been wanting to know more about this iconic friendship.

Previously, ITZY’s Chaeryeong revealed how their friendship is progressing. Due to overlapping promotions, the two groups even got to spend time together in the same elevator.

Most recently, a fan asked Karina during a fansign how the group’s friendship with ITZY began.

At that time, Ryujin and the other ITZY friends were using the practice room next to us.

— Karina

Specifically, there are two members she’s closest with: Ryujin and Yeji!

They bought us watermelon juice and that’s how I was able to get close to Ryujin and Yeji.

— Karina

Ever since the watermelon juice brought them together, we’ve been seeing more and more of these amazing girls together!

However, Ryujin was once caught in a lie about exactly how the juice story went down. Check out the full story below!

ITZY’s Ryujin Gets Caught In An Adorable “Lie” About Sharing Juice…With aespa Members