AOA’s Performance At “Wonder Woman Festival” Cancelled

The coordinators and FNC made a statement.

AOA was listed as one of the appearances for the upcoming “Wonder Woman Festival” for this September, but they have cancelled the schedule ever since Mina‘s bullying allegations against Jimin.

The “Wonder Woman Festival” is an event held to celebrate women, for women and about women. The event invites tens of thousands of women to come and share, sing, and talk with each other.

AOA was one of the latest artists listed on the stellar lineup that consists of top names, such as Jamie, Baek Ayeon, Lia Kim & 1 MILLIONS, Cheetah, and more. The event coordinators confirmed that AOA is no longer on the list.

AOA was scheduled for the Wonder Woman Festival, but they will not be appearing.

— Mic Impact

FNC Entertainment also confirmed that they cancelled their appearance.

We told the coordinators for understanding that it will be difficult for us to appear.

— FNC Entertainment

Mina, who left the group last year, recently revealed in a series of posts that she was continually bullied by Jimin since they were trainees. Jimin ultimately decided to leave the group and resign from the industry.

Source: Sports Kyunghyang and No Cut News

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