AOA Seolhyun’s Instagram Gets Flooded With Hate Over Her Best Friendship With Jimin

“Why did you guys not protect her?”

Since former AOA member Mina‘s Instagram allegations against AOA’s Jimin — exposing over a decade of bullying within the team…

Former AOA Member Mina @kvwowv

… netizens have turned to target their rage at AOA’s Seolhyun, well known to be Jimin’s best friend.

AOA’s Seolhyun

Following Mina’s posts, Seolhyun’s Instagram comments have become completely flooded with accusations and hate. Her most recent upload is accruing multiples of Jimin-related comments:

Seolhyun’s Instagram @sh_9513
  • “Seolhyun, you probably know since you’re best friends with Jimin. Are Mina’s stories true?”
  • “You knew about Mina? Why did you guys not protect her?”
  • “Why aren’t people staying neutral? People who want to destroy Seolhyun are rushing over right now because the time is right.”

Some are interrogating Seolhyun to share the truth about her “best friend” Jimin…

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… while others are blaming her for “being a bystander”. This sentiment that she “stood by and watched” was fueled by another former AOA member Youkyung‘s ambiguous post about Mina’s allegations.

Though it is unclear what exactly Youkyung meant, netizens have taken the freedom to interpret the message as fellow AOA members not fighting against the bullying on Mina’s side.

In the latest update, however, Mina explained that she and AOA members — including Jimin — sat down to talk. Jimin is said to have apologized for her actions and Mina “promised” to try making amends from here on out.

AOA’s Jimin

I know I still don’t see Jimin in a good way — even in this post. I admit it. I don’t even really remember her apologizing. I can only replay her showing up at my door angry. But like I said, I’m so angry that I can’t help this… I can’t change my mind that quickly. But I’ll try. I said I would.

— Mina

Seolhyun has not yet responded to the growing frustration evident on her Instagram.

Source: THEQOO

Former AOA's Mina vs. Jimin's Bullying Allegations