ASTRO’s Sanha Reassures Fans Through A Handwritten Letter

He posted the letter at Moonbin’s memorial.

It’s been only a few weeks since ASTRO Moonbin‘s unfortunate passing. His fans are still mourning the loss, and so are his group members.

ASTRO’s Moonbin | @moon_ko_ng/Instagram

ASTRO’s agency Fantagio set up a memorial for Moonbin, where fans have been regularly visiting to leave gifts, flowers, and letters to the late idol.

Fan pictures of the tributes from fans | @jjaengsdimples/Twitter
Fan pictures of the tributes from fans | @jjaengsdimples/Twitter

Many of Moonbin’s friends and industry peers also visited the memorial and left letters for him. His sister and Billie member Moon Sua, his groupmates Eunwoo, JinJin, MJ, and Sanha, and former ASTRO member Rocky also wrote heartfelt letters. They left them at his memorial a few days after his passing.

The effect of this tragic loss still weighs heavy on fans’ hearts, and Sanha, the group’s maknae reached out to Aroha to console them in such difficult times. A fan who recently visited Moonbin’s memorial at Fantagio’s Rooftop Sky Park saw one of the staff members put up Sanha’s letter there.

| @AyaHaru28/Twitter

The singer addressed his fans in the letter, reassuring them that it is okay to feel sad, but eventually, once they overcome this situation together with ASTRO members, their smiling faces will make Moonbin happy. He also conveyed that he is doing okay, asking fans not to worry about him.

Aroha, it’s me Sanha! You guys must be having it hard and are very sad, right? Be as sad as you need, and then pull yourselves together. Rohas need to show their smiling selves for hyung to be happy. I’m doing well so don’t worry. Our arohas, be happy and healthy.

—Sanha’s letter to Aroha

Sanha was the member that spent the most time with Moonbin recently since the two were promoting as a subunit and were on tour together.

Left to Right: ASTRO’s Moonbin and Sanha | @moon_ko_ng/Instagram

Fans could feel his genuine warmth through this letter and felt grateful that even when dealing with sadness, he checked up on Aroha like a caring friend.


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